plugging back in.

quilts riding shotgun

quilts riding shotgun

It feels great to be back home, finally. My trip to Quilt Market was a wonderful adventure and only being able to work from an ipad was a great excuse to unplug a little bit, which I love. I continued my digital hiatus by spending the weekend unloading, unpacking, re-organizing, cleaning, and generally trying to get life back in order. I’m making progress. As a goal today, I’m facing the computer screen and my inbox, which doesn’t feel so bad since I’ve given myself some space from it. I kind of make these deals to myself. If I do this much of X, then I can do some of Y. Most recently Y is clothes sewing and the single girl.┬áRemember this weekend project I started recently? I’ve finally got an update.


single girl update


Also, I have been getting ready for the follow-ups and the long list of thank-yous — more non-digital tasks that I enjoy. I’ve got a big stack of stamped stationery just waiting for the right sentiments.


art quilt stamped cards


Happy Memorial Day.


making my way home.



Market was awesome. I had such a great time and am currently making my way back to Florida with a few fun stops along the way. I’ll definitely be posting lots of pics and comments about Market when I get back, but in the meantime you can check out my new patterns – aerial, backbone, and palmetto.



just about to begin.


I made it into Kansas City yesterday for International Quilt Market. I’ve never been to the Spring version and haven’t been exactly sure what to expect, but this one seems HUGE. There are tons of booths.


Luckily we got the booth into pretty good shape by the end of the day yesterday, so I was able to check out some of the schoolhouse sessions today. I’m really glad that I did because not only were there some really good ones, but I also didn’t really know what they were…how embarrassing.


Highlights from schoolhouse included :
-a talk about a new socially and environmentally conscious batik mill in Indonesia by Robert Kaufman. In addition to building this cool factory they also gave the town of 500,000 their first public library. How awesome is that?!
-Tula Pink talked about her new fabrics, book, life, etc. I didn’t know much about her other than she designed cool fabric, and I thoroughly enjoyed her talk. She’s really funny and full of personality. And I won a book…score!
-more fabulous talks, giveaways, and eye candy from Oliver+s, Amy Butler, the Sunday Morning Quilt ladies, Robert Kaufman, Anna Maria, and lots of others. I took some serious notes.


And tomorrow’s the big opening day. I’m excited. For anyone attending, I want to invite you to stop by my booth. I’ve got my new patterns, stamps, and lots of samples. It’s number 3320 which is at the very beginning of the 800 row.


I’ll also be making an appearance in the Checker booth on Saturday at 1:45pm. I’ve got a demo, some samples, and some giveaways ready to go.


Hope to see you soon! And if not, watch for updates.


loving TPB this week


Just took a minute to check out the submissions from the latest design challenge over at the printed bolt. The challenge was to come up with a design that mapped out the geography of your life…very interesting. I gotta say that these gals are pretty clever and came up with some great fabric. Head over here and check it out.


Which one is your favorite?