booth pics and new stuff.

Finally, some pics from Market.

But first, I’ve got some new stuff.

+ Two new patterns, Focal (a new paper piecing project, on left) and Botanics (new to my Slow Sewing Studio, on right and in the chairs).


carolyn friedlander new patterns botanics and focal


+ New fabric, Botanics, Botanics Kona coordinates, and Widecreen (more pics to come soon).


+ Also in my booth was a new way of seeing all of my stuff. In every other booth that I’ve had, I’ve displayed my pattern line in basically the same way. I’ll hang each pattern on the wall somehow, usually in a row and usually with clothespins. The system is easy, simple and effective, but personally, I was getting a little bored with it. Plus each new pattern ends up taking more and more space. So I got the idea to do one block from each of my patterns using Botanics and their coordinating Kona solids. (An excuse for more sewing…) And then I also got the bright idea to create a color gradient to unite what could otherwise potentially become visual vomit.


carolyn friedlander pattern remix in botanics and kona


No big deal, right?

Well, easy was maybe not the best word to describe the process. It was fun for sure, but also a bit of a challenge to get all of the fabrics, blocks, colors and placement to work out. I started with a colored pencil drawing to map out generally what needed to happen. Then over the course of at least a week, I laid out each block and used scraps to carefully mark how each block should shape up. And now that it’s done, I’ve got grand plans to make a big quilt with it. Ah. I can enjoy it forever.


color matching_carolyn friedlander


wall sketch_carolyn friedlander


botanics spectrum scrap pile_carolyn friedlander


block planning_carolyn friedlander

And last, I thought it’d be fun to throw up some pics of the booth coming together. Set-up is always a bit chaotic with all the boxes everywhere, freight filling up the aisles and then the wild fork-lift drivers…I’m surprised no one gets hurt. Then there are sometimes surprises, too. This year I was right next to a wall, which made building a wall next to it an impetus for creative thinking. But we managed and nothing fell down before the end of the show.

Good times.

First load.

carolyn friedlander houston 2013 booth set up 1

Walls are up. (Let’s hope they stay that way.)

carolyn friedlander houston 2013 booth set up 2

Botanics and Focal starting to find their places.

carolyn friedlander houston 2013 booth set up 3

Quilts everywhere.

carolyn friedlander houston 2013 booth set up 4

All done.

carolyn friedlander fall quilt market booth 2013

Back from Market.

sunny grove pic_carolyn friedlander


These last few weeks have been nuts, but I’m back from Quilt Market and trying to catch up on all that I missed while away. Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll share pics from my trip and fill you in on all my new stuff.

For now, I’m happy to be home even though my to-do list could very well be longer than it was when I left…

All good stuff.


And Happy Halloween!



recording from yesterday.

In case you missed it and are interested, you can find the recording from yesterday’s radio show with Pat Sloan here. It was definitely an honor to be invited on there to chat! Hope you enjoy it.


Now it’s back to some block building with my mom. It’s officially all hands on deck, as we’re about 2 weeks out from the show. We should be able to get this guy all pieced before the end of the day–that’s the goal anyway.


block building_carolyn friedlander



I always like to cram in as many samples as possible, and I am grateful for any extra help. Hence the makeshift Botanics cheat sheet for reference.



intro to some new stuff.


florida and succulents


Alrighty. I’m way overdue for showing some new stuff–so sorry for the delay!


My latest business births have been a long time coming and certainly a lot of fun to get together. It’s pretty safe to say that all of what gets produced on the business end has some serious roots in what I’m most interested in making as a quilter myself. Often the line between “personal” and “professional” quilter is a bit blurry for me. Architextures is a perfect example of this. That collection was really just an idea for some fabric that I wanted to sew with, and to this day I am blown away by how much it has appealed to so many others. (And this totally blows me away. Wow.)



First up is a new pattern to my current paper-piecing series called Tangelo. She’s a fun one to make, and I’ve been dreaming up tons of other versions since her conception.

savor each stitch_carolyn friedlander


And then my other big launch was a brand-new pattern group that I’ve called the Slow Sewing Studio. In addition to being an avid paper-piecer, I also love me some handwork. The projects to start this group all use needle-turn appliqué–one of my favorite hand techniques. (Of course you can use your own favorite appliqué technique with these designs as well.) The idea of slowing down and unplugging is very important to me and also a big concept behind the group. For now you can read my lil manifesto and find links to the patterns here, but I’ll also be going into more detail about each of my new patterns in the near future.


social tote black hatch_carolyn friedlander


In developing the new group, I was lucky enough to be able to bring on the collaborative efforts of two fine designers. Anna Graham of Noodlehead lent her talents to work with me on the Social tote (seen above), and Jessica Pollak dazzled me with her graphic skills in creating a beautiful graphic for the group (also above and to the left). It was so amazing to work with both of these talented (and really kind!) designers, and I’m so excited about what they’ve added to the group.


So that’s the basic overview. More to come soon.



back from Portland.

carolyn friedlander_spring 2013 quilt market booth


I had a GREAT trip, and I’m really excited to have launched loads of new stuff. It’s always fun seeing (and making) friends in the industry, scoping out what everyone has been working on, and just generally plugging in a little bit. Now as I take it all in and continue to think about my next few steps, I’m feeling quiet and reflective and really just wanting to sew.

Here’s to a long weekend of that.


More to come soon.




hi, april.

Quilt Market is looming, as it tends to do. That’s fine. I mean there are still (quite a few) logistical things that need to be worked out, and my new stuff is not quite ready to see the light of day. But those are just details, right?


But seriously. I am really excited about the new stuff I’ve been working on. And I am excited to travel all the way over to Portland in May. I’ve never been there, and I hear she’s quite the hip lil place.


In addition to Quilt Market, I’m so happy to have a couple of workshops and trunk show lined up at Portland’s Modern Domestic. It’ll be fun to hang around after the show and meet more of the locals. On the agenda we’ve got some beginner-friendly stuff in an Aerial workshop (similar to this one), then some slightly trickier stuff in an Olive class, and finally a little socializing, chatting, and quilt-gazing in the evening during an open house/trunk show kind of thing.


I just recently shipped off the goodies for that.


olive and aerial in the mail


I’ve also been rummaging through my trash can for scraps to turn into notecards as I seem to have depleted my stash.


swatched card

These also kind of show some of my recent swatches and what I’m working with.

scrappy swatches

scrappy notecard

Marathon quilting on some new stuff…

quilting on essex linen


Dreaming about making a wiksten tank with some tsuru.


tsuru wiksten


And I’m massively impressed with Ken Kaufman’s “Matzotextures.” You’ve gotta check that out.





recently made: green topo blouse.


When it comes to clothes-sewing, there is nothing like finding a pattern that just works. It’s the best, and I’ve LOVED this pattern for that exact reason. One of these days I’ll try making it as a dress, but for now, an adapted shirt version is what I keep coming back to.


green topo blouse_carolyn friedlander architextures


This was one of my architextural wearables that I sported at Market (see here). While the prints in this collection are a lot of what I have wanted to use in my quilt-making, I’ve also been having a lot of fun using them for clothes-making.


Here, I used the green topo and gray ledger prints. I was so stoked with the ledger-print, bias trim on this shirt, that I ended up using it for cording in my recent clutch.


green topo blouse_detail_carolyn friedlander architextures




And I’m seeing more and more shops receiving their fabric! Here are some more.

Bolt Neighborhood (in Portland, OR)

Fabric Worm

Lark Cottons

Pink Castle Fabrics

Pink Chalk Fabrics



lucky penny, lucky me.


Just a little over a year ago was when I first met Alison Glass. We were both at Quilt Market in Houston for the first time and showing off our stuff. And now, a year later, I’m thrilled to see her first fabric line, Lucky Penny, with Andover Fabrics. The collection is totally rich and beautiful, and I can’t wait to start sewing with it.


alison glass lucky penny


Here’s a shot of one of quilts in the Andover booth. I’m totally making some clothes with that big print in the border.


alison glass lucky penny in andover booth


And then a very special surprise was seeing how she incorporated some of my stamped fabric into another one of her quilts! See if you can spot my cameo.



Here’s a better picture of her and her quilt in my booth. The quilting was stunning.


alison glass lucky penny


And the binding on this quilt is just about the softest thing ever. She used some chartreuse silk radiance from Robert Kaufman–such a good idea.


me and Alison at Houston Quilt Market 2012


Congrats, Alison on your fabulous new line! I’m so happy to finally have some.




and we’re back (+ a giveaway).


I’m back from another great trip to Quilt Market. Woohoo! It’s hard to believe that I now have 3 markets under my belt. Time sure is flying.


carolyn and laurie at fall quilt market 2012


It was really awesome having my sister, Laurie, along this time–massive thanks to her for all her help! Thankfully we remembered to snap this pic moments into tear down. (This corner of the booth was still intact to take a photo.)


Big thanks also to everyone who played a part in helping me get to the show! There were lots of hands, minds, and spirits who helped make it more than just me standing in a bare booth. You know who you are, and I couldn’t have gotten there without you.


And to my architextures friends, take note of the topo shirt that I sported on day 3. I happily sported wearables each day of the show made from the new collection. Stay tuned to future posts on that.


The show was really fun and a total whirlwind, as expected. I love seeing friends, meeting new ones, and getting excited about making quilts. A big highlight this time around was definitely the release of architextures, and on the last day, I was ecstatic to see someone already sewing with it!


Lynn Harris and her architextures hexies


Here’s Lynn Harris of The Little Red Hen and an impressive start on some architextures hexies. You go sister!


Lynn Harris and her architextures hexies


Love your little bag too! I gotta make me one of those. It looks like a great project keeper.


And so, I’d like to do a giveaway. Post a comment below (before Monday at 11am) to win a stack of architextures mini charm squares.


carolyn friedlander architextures mini charm