New year, new week, new book, new giveaway!

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been working on a book. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing more about it and the process, but today I am kicking off a special giveaway related to the book, my Botanics fabric line, and my upcoming MQG teaching gig at SewDown, Nashville.


Curious? Well, a big part of why I wrote this book (and why I do what I do…) is because I think quilting/sewing/making is so special. It brings a lot of joy to my life, and I love that we each share that passion and have created such a creative and supportive community because of it. Lucky Spool Media and Pink Chalk Fabrics feel that same way, which is why we wanted to celebrate our common passion with this #savoreachstitch photo competition/giveaway!


Lucky Spool Media and Pink Chalk Fabrics have been amazingly generous to sponsor one grand prize, which is a Standard Package Single Room for SewDown: Nashville, where I will be teaching (I’m really looking forward to that!). Tickets for this event sold out within 2 hours, so this is an incredible 2nd chance for one randomly selected lucky winner to get a spot.


But wait, there’s more…

We’ll be awarding four weekly giveaway packages that each include a copy of my forthcoming book, Savor Each Stitch (upon release this summer), a Botanics charm pack (thanks to Pink Chalk!), and one of my sewing patterns of your choice!


To be eligible for both the grand prize and one of the four weekly prize packages, simply follow the Rafflecopter rules on the SewDown page on my website, by posting a photo with the #savoreachstitch up to once a day from now until the 31st. You’ll have to register each time you post a pic–we only require registration to prevent spammers and ensure everyone submits just once a day. We won’t use, sell, or distribute contact details for any other purpose. This is a wholesome, good will celebration photo competition/ giveaway! You can also enter on the Pink Chalk Fabrics blog or on the Lucky Spool Facebook page.


After you register, post a photo on Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook using #savoreachstitch and show us what savoring each stitch means to you. We’re leaving that part pretty open ended so you can let your creative juices flow in how you depict that, but I’ll be selecting the four weekly winners based on the images from the week that capture that sentiment the best.


Enter by Friday at 6pm EST on Jan 10, 17, 24, and 31 to be entered to win one of those four weekly prize packages as well as being automatically entered to win the one randomly selected Grand Prize spot at the SewDown in Nashville (April 12-14, 2014). Please note, that travel to, from, and at the SewDown event is up to the winner to pay for and arrange.


So– come on! Enter today! I want to see you savoring those stitches!



18 thoughts on “New year, new week, new book, new giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on your new book. I can’t wait for its release. Brilliant idea for a giveaway. I won’t be doing any stitching until my cast is off but I will enjoy checking out what others are savoring/stitching.

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  3. I would enter but I don’t understand how to do it or what the # thing is about. Oh. well good luck to all who figure it out.

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