more summer sewing.


carolyn friedlander feather shirt detail


I’ve been obsessed with this fabric. So much so that I think I’ve accumulated a little from each of the different color ways. I thought this ochre version would make a perfect summer shirt, and recently I took some time to knock it out.


carolyn friedlander feather shirt

The pattern is copied from one of my favorite ready-to-wear button-ups, so it fits perfectly. The original had sleeves, but I didn’t think I needed those. It’s summer. The shirt came together fairly quickly and with one pleasant surprise – the front repeat nearly lines up. I was shocked. Wish I could say that was because of my mad skills.

And then I’ve also had a recent failure. Remember this knitting project I was eager to start? Well I was finally getting to the end when I realized I had been working from the wrong chart for the body. Instead of maintaining the right shape, I was working from the chart that handled the decrease. Doh! So now, I have this misshapen thing that is far from being rescued. I guess I’ll have to suck it up, take it all out, and start over. In the meantime I picked up the first issue of Noro magazine. Boy does it have some good stuff in there! Maybe I’ll switch over to something in it before picking back up with the shrug.

Happy summer sewing!



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where I sew.

thread spools carolyn friedlander

July means studio tours all month long over at the Pink Chalk blog, and I am LOVING seeing other people’s spaces! It’s exciting for me to be included in the line-up, and today is my day to share. Here‘s the link.


Aside from having plenty of natural light, above is my favorite thing about where I sew. Back in the day, my Grandfather had a 5&dime store where he sold all kinds of wonderful goodies. This is a knitting needle display that was used there, and I am so happy to have it. In addition to it’s practicality, I love it’s beautiful style and the family reminder.


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