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Best of 2016 + a giveaway

It’s really crazy that 2016 is almost over. It’s been a good year, and as always, I’m going to put together a little year-end digest to see what has happened. If you’re like me and always thinking ahead, you know that it’s too easy to forget things that have already happened. This is why it can be such a treat to take a look back, and also why it is so important. So do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Widescreen . Carolyn Friedlander Scrappy Collection Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander  carkai poolside tote . Carolyn Friedlander QuiltCon 2016 Tote . Carolyn Friedlander Applique Quilt Top . Carolyn Friedlander Local Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander Stash Club . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Fabric Totem Quilt in Euclid Fabrics . Carolyn Friedlander Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Inari Tee Dress . Carolyn FriedlanderEuclid fabric lookbook projects . Carolyn Friedlander Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander Hesperides Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Embroidery . Carolyn Friedlander Spring Quilt Market 2016 . Carolyn Friedlander Native Coasters in Maddermade Making Pickle Hawaiian Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Carolyn Friedlander Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander Polk Blocks . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Scallop Hem Shorts Howard Block on Creative Bug . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Hesperides Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Landgate . Carolyn Friedlander Paper Pieced Quilt Class On Creative Bug . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Tamarack Jacket . Carolyn Friedlander Euclid Ruffle Front Jacket . Carolyn Friedlander Minna Block . Carolyn Friedlander Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander Friedlander fabric . Carolyn Friedlander Friedlander fabric . Carolyn Friedlander Morris Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Pine Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Big Pine Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Scales Wall hanging . Carolyn Friedlander Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander packingBOM Trudy . Carolyn Friedlander Rin Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander Carolyn Friedlander FabricSydney Opera House Mash UP . Carolyn Friedlander friedlander fabric and patterns . Carolyn Friedlander

It’s been a great year, and I am kind of surprised by how much stuff I made. The release of Euclid meant I could sew up all kinds of stuff from clothes to accessories to quilts, and Friedlander and Carkai got sewn into projects new and old throughout the year. I had a great time teaching at several places across the country, but especially during my first overseas teaching trip to Australia.

I’m so grateful for all of your support, and as a thank you I’m happy to give away some of the highlights from this year. Up to grabs, we have – Local 2016, Morris Lawn, Pine, a Friedlander FQ bundle, some Euclid FQs, Hesperides, Crew, Rin and Wildabon.

2016 Carolyn Friedlander patterns and fabric

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post about something special from 2016 OR something you’re looking forward to in 2017. I’ll be picking 9 winners on Friday, January 6 at 11am EST. Giveaway is now closed, but thank you for all of your comments! I enjoyed reading through each and every one of them.

Thanks again for your continued support, and I wish you all the best in 2017!


Best of 2015 + a giveway

It seems like every year goes by in a flash, and 2015 was no exception. While wondering where it all went, I took a look back through my archives to find the best of 2015–an excellent exercise and something I encourage you to do as well, if you haven’t already. There is so much that I forgot happened this year! And although it went by quickly, it still seems strange how much of it seems so far away.

quilt austin house . carolyn friedlander mammoth flannel archer . carolyn friedlander adventures at LACMA adventures at LACMA carolyn friedlander in UPPERCASE carolyn friedlander studio brooklyn tweed boardwalk . carolyn friedlander gingham wiksten tova . carolyn friedlander in the studio for Austin Fox 5 Austin houses class at QuiltCon 2015 . carolyn friedlander carolyn friedlander for patchwork threads linden sweatshirts . carolyn friedlander austin houses quilt pattern . carolyn friedlander outhouse quilt pattern PDF . carolyn friedlander austin house for nichole spring 2015 quilt market . carolyn friedlander handwork is fun . carolyn friedlander spoonflower alder shirt . carolyn friedlander doe coasters . carolyn friedlander the collection quilt . carolyn friedlander a scrappy collection quilt . carolyn friedlander carolyn friedlander in You Inspire Me To Quilt book Doe Wide scout tee . carolyn friedlander Lotta big stitch coasters . carolyn friedlander chambray shorts . carolyn friedlander Handmade Style makeup bag . carolyn friedlander mercer tunics . carolyn friedlander austin houses class at Superbuzzy . carolyn friedlander scrappy poolside tote . carolyn friedlander linen and lawn poolside tote . carolyn friedlander Slow Stitching Retreat in Maine . carolyn friedlander boro . carolyn friedlander ebb quilt pattern . carolyn friedlander everglade quilt pattern . carolyn friedlander envelopes quilt pattern . carolyn friedlander satellite 5 . lynn harris envelopes for elisabeth . carolyn friedlander envelopes signature quilt . carolyn friedlander carkai alturas quilt . carolyn friedlander carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander fall 2015 quilt market . carolyn friedlander scout tee and moji pants . carolyn friedlander everglade pincushions . carolyn friedlander carkai stationery . carolyn friedlander carkai and city cargo duffle . carolyn friedlander carkai crossbody . carolyn friedlander carkai maker tote . carolyn friedlander carkai kiomi top . carolyn friedlander lotta pants . carolyn friedlander carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

You’ll probably notice a few things that I haven’t shared yet. Keeping up with the sharing may not have been a strength for me in 2015, but I’m hopeful to improve on that in 2016. So stay tuned! I have plenty of stuff to share starting in January.

Otherwise, I really appreciate all of your support this year and want to thank you by doing a giveaway with my 2015 highlights – Austin Houses, The Collection Quilt, Carkai, Envelopes, Ebb and Everglade. To enter, leave a comment below with either enthusiasm for a highlight for you this year and/or something you’re looking forward to in the year ahead. I’ll be picking 6 winners on January 4 at 11am EST. Giveaway now closed. Thank you to all who participated–it was such a pleasure reading your comments!

carolyn friedlander best of 2015

Best of 2014 + a giveaway.

What a year.

Here are some highlights as I look back.


yellow clam bag . carolyn friedlander  Sew Chic Botanics top . carolyn friedlander  new trees to plant  mini sunrise blocks . carolyn friedlander  glamper  brown plaid shirt . carolyn friedlander  falling water  Carolyn Friedlander Aurifil thread set in the Aurifill booth  Totem quilt . carolyn friedlander  Post quilt . carolyn friedlander  Savor Each Stitch . Carolyn Friedlander  Savor Each Stitch_quilts on ladders_Carolyn Friedlander  Carolyn Friedlander_red wall_Spring 14 Market  carolyn friedlander_booth award  Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch photo wall  crazy coaster_Savor Each Stitch_Carolyn Friedlander  circle lattice_savor each stitch_carolyn friedlander  kona bundle at Pink Chalk Fabrics_Carolyn Friedlander  fabric cards . carolyn friedlander  there's a cat in my binding  plaid envelope blocks . carolyn friedlander  shopping at quilted threads  sunrise quilt for Ellen  adventures in vermont  Aerial Grove quilt_5_Carolyn Friedlander  Bartow quilt being quilted. carolyn friedlander  Bartow Kona Quilt_Carolyn Friedlander  Nest Egg tote_2_Carolyn Friedlander_web  carolyn friedlander studio  8_big stitch coasters_finished coasters_carolyn friedlander  Nelson-Atkins Museum lawn  light at the Nelson-Atkins Museum  Kim Eichler Messmer Studio  Indigo Doe Fabric_Carolyn Friedlander  Missouri Star visit  home grown pineapple  doe fabric stack_carolyn friedlander for robert kaufman  Doe Coordinating Kona Solids_strips_Carolyn Friedlander  architextures crosshatch colors_carolyn friedlander  Doe Wide Fabric_Carolyn Friedlander  Doe Outhouse detail_carolyn friedlander  nest egg tote_black doe_carolyn friedlander  Doe Catenary_carolyn friedlander_detail  doe couch_carolyn friedlander  doe couch totem and focal_carolyn friedlander  Making Doe Circle Lattice cushions_Carolyn Friedlander  doe whole cloth tied . carolyn friedlander  Doe fabric bias tape . carolyn friedlander  doe shirts quilt_carolyn friedlander  doe city gym shorts . carolyn friedlander  Shibori Wiksten Tank trim_Carolyn Friedlander  Doe fabric mini charm packs  Doe Trail Tote . Anna Graham  fabric selection_carolyn friedlander  outhouse making_carolyn friedlander  circle improv with Sherri Lynn Wood  camp stitchalot  doe fabric infinity scarves_carolyn friedlander  brown crosshatch archer . carolyn friedlander  bathroom demolition_carolyn friedlander  Totem quilt for Laurie_15_Carolyn Friedlander  Go Anywhere Bag for Laurie_detail_Carolyn Friedlander  blue and green nesting boxes_2_carolyn friedlander  Doe lined envelopes_carolyn friedlander  alturas nest egg tote . carolyn friedlander  Jacob shirt_lego detail_Carolyn Friedlander  black white and nani iro nesting boxes . carolyn friedlander  new knitting project  Doe fabric in print_carolyn friedlander



Thank you so much for your support! Seriously. I can’t tell you how touching/wonderful/exciting it has been to read your comments, see your projects, and meet you at events. Because of that, I thought that it would be fun to wrap things up with some giveaways from the year. Here’s what we’ve got:


+ Post quilt pattern

+ Totem quilt pattern

+ a copy of Savor Each Stitch

+ Doe fat quarter bundle

+ Nest Egg tote quilt pattern

+ Catenary quilt pattern

+ Outhouse quilt pattern

+ 1 yard of Kona pickle (just because I like it so much, and it was new this year too!)


2014 carolyn friedlander patterns fabric and book


To enter, leave a comment in this post sharing your own favorite project or moment from 2014. I’ll randomly pull winners for each item listed above at noon EST on January 1, 2015.




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