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Winner Winner.

kona bundle at Pink Chalk Fabrics_Carolyn Friedlander


Thanks so much for everyone who entered the giveaway! Sheila is our lucky winner, and her summer sewing plans include…

“I just bought a mid arm quilter and have a blue plastic bin of unquilted tops. I am looking forward to getting some of those completed. I also want to try my hand at more modern quilts. I love traditional, but have been picking up brighter prints and solids and admire blog such as yours and take inspiration from you so keep up the great work and thank you.”


Sounds like fun!


For everyone else, you can pick up your own special bundle of my faves (above) from Pink Chalk here. While you’re there, make sure to also peruse their birthday celebration sales…lots of good stuff. I’ll be taking advantage of some of it myself.


I really enjoyed reading what else you guys will be sewing up this summer! My own plans are optimistic as usual and maybe not in a tidy list just yet. Possibilities include some home sewing (curtains, upholstery), garments, and quilts, of course! Oh and a new purse and case for my laptop…like I said, optimistic!


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Week 4 winner and the Grand Prize winner…

First, our week 4 winner is…


Sarah (@stitchingandbacon). I’m totally with you on the quilting process!


And the Grand Prize winner is…

Stephanie (@theLadyInThread). Yay! I’m super excited to sew with you in Nashville.


Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks so much to everyone who participated. I hope you will all continue to share how you #savoreachstitch. It has been so inspiring to see. Our community is truly special.


HUGE thanks also to Lucky Spool Media and Pink Chalk Fabrics for supporting this fun adventure.


And did you catch this go up last week?

Savor Each Stitch on Amazon_Carolyn Friedlander_1

Just Crazy.

More soon…


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Week 3 winner…

And the week 3 winner is…

wobblybobbin_savor each stitch


Emily, aka @wobblybobbin! Congrats! I can definitely appreciate calm moments of hand stitching. Sometimes it’s just what you need!

These entries are all totally amazing, and I’m super excited as we approach the last few days of the contest. We’ll be picking the final weekly winner and the grand prize winner Friday 6 pm EST. So all of you US residents, get your entries in these last few days. (See here for more details.)

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