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recording from yesterday.

In case you missed it and are interested, you can find the recording from yesterday’s radio show with Pat Sloan here. It was definitely an honor to be invited on there to chat! Hope you enjoy it.


Now it’s back to some block building with my mom. It’s officially all hands on deck, as we’re about 2 weeks out from the show. We should be able to get this guy all pieced before the end of the day–that’s the goal anyway.


block building_carolyn friedlander



I always like to cram in as many samples as possible, and I am grateful for any extra help. Hence the makeshift Botanics cheat sheet for reference.



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botanics preview.


I’m feeling mostly visual today and thought I’d share some quick peeks at my new fabric line, Botanics.


carolyn friedlander_botanics_flame


carolyn friedlander_botanics_warm spectrum


carolyn friedlander_botanics fabric


More to come soon.




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hello hello.

botanics precuts_carolyn friedlander

Not sure where the time is going, but I guess that’s to be expected in the weeks before quilt market. It’s felt jam-packed to say the least.

Sneak peeks of my new fabric collection with Robert Kaufman are finally starting to see the light of day…and more importantly, I can start showing some bits of it! It’s really hard to be secretive about stuff that you’re excited to share. (And also when it’s just about the only thing passing through your hands and sewing machine!) The above are some of the pre-cuts from the new collection which will include packs of coordinating konas. MMMmm, color.


My new patterns for fall are also getting finished up. Here’s a peek of the back of one of them.

quilting with wool batting_carolyn friedlander

With this one, I tried wool batting for the very first time, and I have to say that I’m an instant fan. It’s super lofty and was a breeze to quilt. After posting a pic on instagram, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to find that there are so many other wool enthusiasts out there. Makes me want to stock up on some more. (It also washed up beautifully, btw.)


Speaking of that one, she needs to get over to the printers today. About that…


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