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Kept Pouches

Pouches are some of the handiest things to sew. These Kept Pouches are some that I made in my Kept fabrics using Aneela Hoey’s Speedy Vinyl Pouches pattern.

speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric

There are many great things about the pattern and this type of project in general. First, the pattern is easy to follow and features 3 different size options.

Kept Pouches holding thread, thread gloss and other notions
speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric

Second, this is a great project for showcasing a print that you are excited about. Using the clear vinyl means you have a literal window into that fabric of your choosing as well as whatever you are storing in the pouch. I like to plan out the fabric that will be seen through the vinyl first, and then I build my other choices around it.

speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric

When I travel I like using little pouches to store and organize different things within a larger bag. A great example is thread–it’s nice to have it all together and in something that you can see it.

kept pouches

The largest pouch is also great for storing a few blocks, pattern and/or a project that you are working on. I find that I not only travel with my projects organized in pouches like this, but I also keep them organized in my studio this way too. It’s a great way to keep everything all together.

speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric holding a Spools pattern and project

If you are new to working with vinyl and/or attaching zippers this is a great project to start with. Everything is flat and has squared edges, which makes it very approachable. Just take it one step at a time.

speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric

These Kept pouches were a great way to mix and match the new fabrics from the collection. They also make excellent gifts! (But I’m very tempted to keep all of these for myself..ha!)

speedy vinyl pouches in Kept fabric

Pattern: Speedy Vinyl Pouches by Aneela Hoey

Fabric: Kept

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Kept Quilted Coat and Tote

The Kept Quilted Coat and Tote not only rhyme, but they are also super fun! Brittney Frey (who makes some really incredible quilted coats) made these using my Kept collection and the coordinates.

Kept Quilted Coat and Tote

Quilted Coat

Kept Quilted Coat

For the coat, Brittney used the Nova Coat from Papercut Patterns and the Fat Quarter bundles of both Kept and the coordinates. It’s such a great shape, and I LOVE that it has pockets.

Kept Quilted Coat

Brittney created a patchwork of color and print from the various fabrics. I love how they are grouped together and transition across the coat!

Kept Quilted Coat

The Tote

Kept Quilted Tote

For the tote, she used the Sylvie Tote (Everyday Size) by Sotak Handmade and the leftover fabrics from the coat. This bag is an excellent size for everyday carrying, for sure.

Kept Quilted Coat and Tote

Brittney patchworked the fabrics in the same way and at the same scale for the tote as she did for the tote. It makes a great pair, don’t you think?

The Details and Construction

Kept Quilted Coat pocket detailing

Not to put too fine a point on this, but this coat and tote are BEAUTIFULLY made. Brittney did such an incredible job. The lining on the coat is finished out with an invisible zipper enclosing all of the layers, the patchwork matches up perfectly in the pocket construction, there’s a label(!), and the tote is finely detailed too with a zippered section, rivets and leather handles. As soon as I received the shipment from Brittney I so enjoyed taking in all of these thoughtful and skilled decisions.

Kept Quilted Coat and Tote

Patterns: Nova Coat by Papercut Patterns and Sylvie Tote (Everyday Size) by Sotak Handmade

Fabrics: Kept and Kept Coordinates – FQ bundles

Kept Quilted Coat

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Me Made May 2021

Me Made May 2021 is here! (General info about Me Made May and Me Made May 2021.) Each year the challenge can feel a bit different, especially with it going on for so many years now. Last year the pandemic was so new that for me it was a nice way to connect with others while also showing how I was finding comfort in my wardrobe.

The Challenge This Year

This year, I want to use Me Made May to get my head into some new projects. Over the last year I’ve re-discovered how much my handmade wardrobe gives me strength and comfort in challenging times not just in terms of wearing but making too! My plan is to share some of what I’m wearing, but also make a couple of items that I’m in the mood for.

To be honest, there hasn’t been much of a need or desire to make clothes in the last year until recently. I made a Linden sweatshirt, and I also got around to making a matching pair of sweatpants. Fun, huh?!

linden sweatshirt and hudson sweatpant

I also added a label after buying some KATM labels from The Craft Table. They’ve always called out to me, and I’m happy to have them to add to my projects. I’m especially liking the 2021 labels, because I never know when I’ve made which garments. This is a great way to change that.

hudson sweatpant

The main thing I’m wanting to make is a jumpsuit. I have no idea why this is speaking to me, but it is. A single-piece outfit with pockets sounds pretty good. I haven’t made (or worn) a jumpsuit before, and the challenge of sewing something new is exciting. I love that in addition to being new to me, it’s also somewhat involved. Simple sews can be great, but there’s also a time and place to get deep in a project with many steps and different things to consider. I’m ready for that! The pattern I’m going to try is the Rory Jumpsuit by True Bias (formerly called Yari). As for fabric, I’m not totally sure what I’ll use. I’ll pop into my stash first, and see what I have available. Without looking, I’m thinking a linen or denim could work well.

Rory Jumpsuit . by True Bias
(photo by True Bias)

Step 1: I’ve already bought the pattern. Now I need to print out my pattern pieces and take a look at my fabric options.

The jumpsuit is the main plan for the month, but I’m marking these leather house shoes (from Seamwork) for the future. Neat, huh?!

Leather House Shoes . Seamwork Magazine
(photo by Seamwork Magazine)

I’m also pretty excited about the Casual Summer Tee Knit Along with Fancy Tiger. Their newsletter came out, and I jumped right on board. I’ve been knitting a bit here and there, and I’m nearing the finish line on a sweater (inspired by @elisabew). I’ll finish up my Sew Faded sweater (pattern by Drea Renee), and then I have a summery (or more like Spring/Fall/Winter for us in FL) knit on deck to follow.

Speaking of, here’s the sweater I’m working on! It’s been my go-to project in the evenings when I’m ready to unwind. The plan was to use up some yarn that I have in my stash, but of course I couldn’t help but add in a couple new colors as I’ve gone along. (All yarn is from my LYS, Four Purls.) It’s been really fun! I have the left sleeve to go, and then I need to pick up and knit the neck.

so faded sweater . carolyn friedlander

I’ll also plan to share more garment-related projects and resources on the blog and in my newsletter (sign up here), so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts about Me Made May 2021?

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