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New Pattern: Outhouse Quilt in Doe Fabric.

Doe Outhouse Quilt at Quilt Market_Carolyn Friedlander


My third and final new release this fall is the Outhouse Quilt.

Outhouse is new to my paper piecing line, and honestly, it’s just a fun pattern. I had the idea of simple but quirky little houses that you could further personalize and flavor with fun fabric choices.


Doe Outhouse Quilt_Carolyn Friedlander


At my new place, I actually have a funky little outhouse that the previous owners built themselves. There’s a great view of it from my office, and so I’m sure that looking at it everyday has played into the speed with which I’ve been able to add this source of inspiration into my pattern line.


Doe Outhouse Quilt detail_carolyn friedlander


Yesterday, I needed to whip up a smaller version, and so here’s a peek into the process.


Fabric pull and audition …


Doe Fabric Pull and Audition_Carolyn Friedlander


Block assembly …


Doe Outhouse Block Assembly_Carolyn Friedlander


Quilt her up …


Outhouse Quilting_Carolyn Friedlander


Bind and finish.


Doe Outhouse Mini_Carolyn Friedlander



The fabrics in these first two versions are from Doe.

I’m also scheming about a Doe/Architextures/Botanics + Liberty version. The nice thing about these little houses is that they only take a small smidgen of fabric, making it a perfect Liberty and/or scrap project. Or if you’re into pre-cuts, a pack of  5″ squares will work just fine too.


Doe and Liberty Outhouses_Carolyn Friedlander


If you’re in Ann Arbor next week (Wednesday, November 12), I’m teaching a class for this project for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild. If you can’t make the class, we’ve also got a trunk show scheduled that evening.









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New Pattern: The Nest Egg tote in Doe Fabric.


Orange Doe Nest Egg Tote_Carolyn Friedlander


Remember the Nest Egg?

Well, it’s back in print form and officially part of my own pattern line. Plus, I’ve got all new versions made up in Doe.

Here are the new three that I showed at Market.


nest egg totes in doe fabric_stacked_carolyn friedlander


nest egg totes in doe fabric_carolyn friedlander


nest egg tote_black doe hanging_carolyn friedlander


red doe nest egg tote with sewing supplies_carolyn friedlander


nest egg totes_navy and meringue doe_carolyn friedlander


nest egg tote_navy doe fabric inside_carolyn friedlander



I’ve had a few people ask about where to find hardware and fancy elastic. As for the hardware, I got all of it (d-rings and sliders) from, and I found the elastic for these three versions at The Common Thread when I was in Austin earlier this summer. If you aren’t able to find any at your local shops, I’ve now noticed that some of the big box craft stores have decorative elastic options as well.

To check out the pattern page, head over here.



nest egg tote_black doe_carolyn friedlander








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New Pattern: Catenary Quilt in Doe Fabric.


catenary quilt by carolyn friedlander in doe fabric



Some design ideas get kicked around for a while, and this is one of them.


The name catenary refers to the natural arch that’s created by a cord hanging from two points. When I lived in St Louis, I learned that the shape of the Gateway Arch was inspired by this type of curve, and I always liked the simple elegance of that shape.


Saint Louis Arch


What I think I like about using this design now is how it works with Doe. Doe is very angular, kind of masculine, and somewhat raw, whereas the arch is a graphic curve with some softness to it. Together, I find them to be an interesting pair and a fun way to work with the fabric.


doe catenary in progress by carolyn friedlander


When piecing the blocks, I especially liked seeing how the grids worked off of each other against the curves. And then the quilting was another way to play off of that.


battle of the grids_catenary quilt by carolyn friedlander in doe fabric


The blocks work with easy strips of fabric, which made it great for exploring how the different prints mix in the collection. I also ended up going with a loose color and value transition starting with darker blues and blacks on top, working towards lighter values and softness at the bottom.


catenary quilt in doe fabric by carolyn friedlander




Doe Catenary_carolyn friedlander



To see more of the specifics about the pattern, you can visit the pattern page here.




doe catenary quilt_carolyn friedlander








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