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Scrappy Collection Quilt: blocks are complete and attached.

the collection quilt_scrappy_4_carolyn friedlander

As promised, I’ll continually be checking in and sharing the progress of my second Collection quilt. Based on the pic I posted on IG when I first cut it out, I know that it was something like 8 weeks ago when I started. (Where’s the time going?) Since then, I’ve really only worked on it a handful of times. I think I spent 3 sessions cutting it out, with nightly appliquéing happening when possible between and after those sessions. Then this past weekend, I sewed all of the blocks together as a break from mopping the floors (it was on the floor, so it made sense to finish sewing it together before moving on with my cleaning…right?).

It truly is a back-burner project, as I’ve had to prioritize other (work-related) things as needed and to fill in stints of working on it here and there. Since it’s totally a personal project with no deadlines or requirements, I’m able to lavish in the process and let it simmer while I ponder the various decisions along the way, which is really nice. Of course, my schedule these last few weeks has afforded me a little more time than usual to spend working on it (and other personal sewing projects), but that is all changing as my fall projects/releases are taking up more of my time and attention, which is also super fun. It’s always exciting to be working on new stuff.

scrappy collection quilt_4_carolyn friedlander

Did anyone else catch this post over at Grainline? It totally struck a chord with me, as I often think about the importance of sewing for fun–and then yes, the blogging/posting which is a daunting/thought-invoking task too. Sewing and designing for work is a total dream that I am completely grateful for, but I also place a high value on making sure that I’m not getting stuck in the grind of it all so that I can stay in touch with the making that drew me to it in the first place. This Collection quilt and all of the other non-work-related projects that I’ve worked on the last couple of months have kept my creative spirit alive, and as a result, I’ve been really excited about new ideas/designs/work for the business side of my life. Stay tuned…

But back to this quilt, I’ve got the blocks finished and sewn together. My thought now is whether or not to add borders. Actually, I’ve pretty well decided to add borders, it’s just a matter of what size do I want the quilt to be (put on my bed or use as a throw?) and what fabric to use…

the collection quilt_scrappy_2_carolyn friedlander

Some hand quilting is in my future with this guy as well, so I’d like to get it basted sooner rather than later so that the task of basting doesn’t become a deterrent for working on it when my possible moments to work on it get fewer and fewer.

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A new Collection quilt.

scrappy collection quilt_carolyn friedlander

Spoiler Alert: I’ve been on a making binge lately.

In all ways and with all things.

Does that ever happen to you?

A few weeks ago, I looked in to my closet and felt completely sick of everything in there…a feeling that instantly filled me with the desire and urge to make a ton of new clothes. Totally reasonable, right?

Eh, maybe not, but sometimes I think it is important to cave in to some urges–within reason, of course. The clothing thing was partly fueled by the stack of fabrics I’d accumulated over the last several months that had been giving me the stare-down, coupled with my wanting to try out some new patterns. Little by little, I’ve been able to tackle quite a few of them over the last few weeks. (More to come on those soon…)

It’s not as if garments have been my only weakness. Like I mentioned, my desire to make has been spilling over in to all genres. I’ve had quilts on my mind, and at the top of that list is a new Collection quilt made with any and everything from my stash. All along, I’d imagined another version that would be a celebration of scrappy, as well as reaffirming that having a stash can be justified. The picture above is a snippet of that.

As of this past weekend, I now have everything cut out and over half of the appliqué complete. It’s one of those projects where I could easily work on it all day and everyday until the binding is attached, but sadly, life, work and other things get in the way. Like the version of Collection that’s on the pattern cover, it’s one of those projects where I’m having so much fun at each step, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The added fun for this one is that it’s totally for me, so I don’t have to worry about keeping any of it secret. So, stay tuned to watch it grow.


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