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Happy Memorial Day and a giveaway!

Happy Memorial Day, friends. Who’s sewing or up to anything else fun?

Yesterday I sewed–all day–and it was great.


Kona play_Carolyn Friedlander


I had some fun with konas. I’ve had this idea in my mind since getting back from Market, and so I played around with that.

Today might be less eventful in terms of sewing, but I’m optimistic that I can squeeze a little bit of something in later. First, I should try to get on top of some stuff before I head out to NYC in a few days. (Should being the key word here…)


But, I did want to mention a couple of fun things:

+ HUGE thanks to all the awesome local folks for meeting up with me at Bok Tower on Saturday. It was such a treat to connect with you guys! We have a wealth of creativity here in central Florida, and we should definitely get together more often. Who’s with me?

+ Next, I’m headed out to NYC this week and busily prepping for my workshop and book signing at Purl. (Can’t wait!) If you are interested in the class, there might still be spots available, and if you’re in town definitely make sure to come by for my book signing after the class ends at 5:00pm. I’d love to see you, and my book won’t otherwise be available until July.

+ The summer Road Trip Pattern Club early bird special ends today, so if you want to get in early, jump on it.

+ Last, I’ve got a designer bundle of some of my favorite solids up for sale at Pink Chalk. They’re celebrating their 6th birthday with lots of fun stuff. (Happy Birthday Pink Chalk!) I love Pink Chalk and was thrilled to be able to put together this set. It’s got so many of my favorite konas.


Pink Chalk is also being super generous and letting me give away a bundle here on my blog…so, to enter, leave a comment on this post about what sorts of fun summer sewing plans you’ve got up your sleeves. Comment until midnight Wednesday (May 28), and I’ll announce the winner Thursday (May 29).





Bok Tower show and meet up.


quilting florida_carolyn friedlander_bok tower gardens


Hey local friends–wanna meet up?

I’m back with the details for a local meet up and checking out my current exhibit at Bok Tower happening on May 24. Anyone interested and available is welcome to come! I’m thinking it’ll be super casual and low-key. I’ll plan to get to there at 11:00am. We can meet up at the exhibit (in the visitor’s center), check it out, and then grab food at the cafe (or bring some snacks of your own) and find a shady spot in the gardens to hang out for how ever long we feel like it. Bring handwork, projects or anything you want. We can sew, chat, and hang. It’ll be good.


I can also get us a group discount ($10 per person instead of $12), so send me an email [info(at)carolynfriedlander(dot)com] if you are interested.  I’d love to have a rough count of how many are planning to attend, and it’d also be great to have you on my email list in case I send out any updates or reminders.


To recap:

What: Check out my exhibit, Quilting Florida / meet up with local quilty friends / have fun

When: Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 11:00am-?

Where: Bok Tower Gardens, 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853

Cost: If you aren’t a member at Bok, we’ve got a group rate of $10/person

Shoot me an email if you are interested, and I’ll keep you up-to-date on the details.


Hope to see you soon!


home quilt by carolyn friedlander



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Quilting Florida and packing for a SewDown.

savor each stitch_facing east_carolyn friedlander


I’m getting the final pieces together for my (very soon) exhibit at Bok Tower–it opens Saturday–and will include a few images (like the one above) from my upcoming book.

 quilting florida_carolyn friedlander

After posting this pic while gathering quilts, I got pretty excited to see some local folks showing interest in the show. So, I’d really like to plan a day for whoever is available and interested to meet up. I was thinking that we can check out the show and then wander around the gardens…chat…maybe bring some handwork or something to sit and work on in a shady spot…anyone with me? The show runs until June 4th, and I’ll throw out 2 potential dates. If you are interested, comment on your preference and we’ll go with the one that seems to suit most people. How about April 26th or May 24th? Both are Saturdays.



Anyways, here are some more sneaks from my book that will be on display at the Bok show…


savor each stitch_sneak preview_carolyn friedlander_lucky spool


Otherwise, I need to get to packing. SewDown Nashville is finally here, and I’m leaving tomorrow. Can’t wait to teach and to enjoy some good, quality time at the sewing machine with new and old friends. If you aren’t able to make it, I’m sure the IG feeds (mine included) will be blowing up with activity.


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