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feeling wild about texture and wildly strong.


Ah, texture. Such a wonderful thing. And one of my favorite things about quilting.


aerial texture carolyn friedlander


It’s been nice to be able to enjoy some of my quilts since getting them back recently. I finished my aerial cover sample right before her launch in Kansas City, and she’s been touring quilt shops ever since. So we haven’t had much time together outside of her making.


While laying it out yesterday, I was reminded of how much I love texture and my obsession with it in this project.


aerial texture carolyn friedlander


I am also one of those people who enjoys both sides of a quilt, especially when the back allows you to see the front in a different way.


aerial texture carolyn friedlander


Also recently, I have been killing rotary cutters. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong type, using them the wrong way, or just totally unaware of my own brute strength, but I’m on my third in about 2 months.


rotary cutters


I’m down to the little guy on the right, and based on my track record with the big ones, he’s not going to last long.

I’m taking recommendations…



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I am loving…



robert kaufman kona fern cactus and teal blue

kona fern, cactus, and teal blue (together and separately)



ikea scrap fabric storage

ikea keeping me organized



taupey clothworks goodness

stack of taupe-y goodness (what to make, what to make?…)



essex yarn dyed denim

kaufman essex yarn dyed denim (black version, too)



garasha green tea

tea from a friend…mmmmmm



and yorks.



happy tuesday!



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