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Arrived in Minneapolis for Quilt Market 2015.

plane view

It’s always a little crazy getting ready for the show, and for me, the miracle is being able to get that suitcase zipped and everything out the door. That was yesterday, and I’m really glad to be in town a bit early to get things together before the show. Set-up starts tomorrow and will go through Thursday. Thursday is also the day for the Schoolhouse presentations (I have one at 1:00, room 208B), and then the show runs Friday through Sunday.

I’ll be launching my new patterns, which I’ll make sure to share in full when I get back. But in the meantime, you’ll be able to catch a lot of what’s happening at the show on Instagram via (@carolynfriedlander) and of course tons of others at the show using #QuiltMarket.

carolyn friedlander_Quilt Market 2015 booth number_invite

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Fall Quilt Market 2014.

I’ve now been back from Quilt Market for almost a week, and I’m still catching up. It was a great trip, but it’s also nice to be on the “after” side of the Quilt Market equation.


Everything came together as far as the booth went. Here’s a shot of that.


Carolyn Friedlander Fall Quilt Market Booth 2014


There is a lot of stuff represented in the booth, and so I’ve decided that all month-long, I’ll break it down and share more about all of it. Doe projects abound–in quilt, couch, accessory, and clothes form–as well as some Kona stuff, too.

Otherwise, my recap of the show is a bit random, which isn’t super atypical. I took some pictures, but they were pretty spotty, which is mostly the result of my not being able to get away from my own booth too much. But I did get to walk the show floor early on two of the mornings, and I even got a chance to peek at a few of the quilts in the exhibition hall next door.

So, here we go.


The chaos of set-up always amazes me. Fork lift drivers push for maximum speed without really looking at where they are going, huge crates emerge and block more and more of the aisles with each passing hour, and then everyone else is carrying loads, unpacking boxes, and making trips to and from Ikea. The transformation seems so dramatic, and I love watching it go from the crazy, rawness of set up, to the pristine and polished finish during the actual show.


Market Set up


Here’s getting to the end of Day 1 in my booth. The goal was to get the big stuff up and in place. Day 2 (not pictured) was for refinement.


Booth Building_Carolyn Friedlander


My immediate surroundings–the Robert Kaufman booths (sadly, not pictured…)–were bright and beautiful. And once the show started, it was fun having the entertainment of the Kona IQ challenge going on across the way.


Kona IQ challenge


I even got sucked into the challenge by the Kona Queen herself …


LS vs CF in the Kona IQ Challenge


It was a fun and fitting surprise to see one of Latifah’s quilts make it onto the promotional water bottles at the show.

Almost too pretty to drink …

but then my booth fern got thirsty.


Latifah's Kona Water


My buddy and booth neighbor, Valori Wells, won a first place booth award! That was super exciting and really fun to watch her reaction.


Valori Wells wins a booth award


Valori Wells and her booth award


Then, there were two of my good friends exhibiting for the first time. I’m super proud of them and just loved their booths.

Here’s Madeleine. (And she’s even wearing a Widescreen skirt!)


Domestic Strata at Quilt Market


And then here’s Lee, who you might already be familiar with because she hosts the All Shirts Swap!

Not sure why I don’t have a booth picture with her in it …


May Chappell at Quilt Market


Then there were some of my other favorites which I’m sure you’ve been seeing on IG and in other spots.

Leah Duncan …


Leah Duncan at Quilt Market


Green Bee …


Green Bee Patterns at Quilt Market


Cotton + Steel


Cotton + Steel double gauze


Cotton + Steel at Quilt Market


My publisher, Lucky Spool, did a beautiful job on their first booth …


Lucky Spool at Quilt Market


You could easily spend days exploring the exhibits next door. I had about 15 minutes. So I focused on the Ruby Jubilee and the Modern Quilt Guild showcase.


Ruby Jubilee Exhibit at Quilt Market


Ruby Jubilee


This quilt in Botanics by Jenna Brand was fun to see!



Folded Flock by Jenna Brand



The rest of the time was basically spent hanging out in my booth, which was great. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone who stopped by!


Lauren Hunt tried to teach me her skillz …


Lauren Hunt in action



My fellow Robert Kaufman designers, Jennifer and Valori …


Robert Kaufman Designers


Alison Glass and Susanne Woods


Lucky Spool Ladies

Lucky Spool Ladies


And then one last hang out before the end of the show …


Booth Gathering


Thanks to everyone for all the help during the show, as well as for all love for the booth and for the new stuff! I am truly grateful for your support.


Stay tuned for new projects to come …










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Spring Quilt Market 2014.

Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh was a little over a month ago now (kinda hard to believe!)…which I guess means that it’s time to share some photos from it. Better late than never, right?


I’ve never been to Pittsburgh before, and I was surprised by how lovely the city is. The convention center was also surprising in ways, the best of which was the natural light. This was how it looked when I walked through the loading dock to unload on the first day of set-up. It’s always crazy to me how much of a blank canvas it starts out as.


natural light at the pittsburgh convention center


Another highlight (that I didn’t get a picture of) was the scenery from the front of the convention center of the river and all their wonderful bridges and buildings. This was a city and convention center with plenty of character and charm.


Set up is always a whirlwind and a little stressful. There are those details that you hope will work out in reality how they work out in your head…or at least that’s how it is for me.


Set up quickly started out with plenty of ironing…


Carolyn Friedlander booth under construction at Spring 14 Market


…as well as a body-esque bag o’ quilts that we kept having to shuffle out of the way and try not to destroy.

(also, not super glamorous…)


the body bag of quilts_Carolyn Friedlander


These old grove ladders (that I still need to do a deeper clean on) were a recent procurement and where I wanted to display most of the 23 quilts from the book. Here I was just starting to figure out their placement.


Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch quilts at Spring 14 Market


This other wall was more of my new pattern area, and I wanted it to have a flame/tangerine theme. While I was getting the big stuff up there, I noticed that the two Circle Lattice quilts from the book (lower left) worked well with the them, so they went up too.


Carolyn Friedlander_Spring 14 booth under construction


The ladder wall was my Savor Each Stitch wall, and the plan was to make use of a ton of the photos we had from shooting the book. (Note to self: I need to devote an entire blog post to these photos–I have no one but our local girl, Alexis Wharem of Green Photography, to thank. She is amazing!)


Photo wall assembly_Carolyn Friedlander


More photos.


Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch photo wall


Here’s how it all turned out.

New patterns–Totem and Post on the left, Savor Each Stitch stuff on the right.


carolyn friedlander_spring 2014 quilt market booth


Savor Each Stitch_quilts on ladders_Carolyn Friedlander


And I was really surprised and totally flattered to win an award.


carolyn friedlander_booth award


Carolyn Friedlander_booth award_Spring 14 Market


Alright, now we’ll move into my random pics from the show. When you’re holding down a booth, I can’t say that you get out too much to walk the floor (hence the not-so-comprehensive Quilt Market photos of anything else but my booth and what was right around me), but you do get some great visitors.

Starting with my awesome neighbors–I totally lucked out!

Vintage quilts and fabric across the way…


Vintage quilt neighbor


Jen Kingwell was one of my immediate neighbors–such a dream! Her quilts are beautiful to stare at, and she’s a great person too.


Jen Kingwell at Quilt 14 Market


I paid closer attention to her Green Tea and Sweet Beans again, since I’m taking a stab at making my own.


Jen Kingwell at Quilt Market 14


And then to the other side was Valori Wells! She’s so much fun and super creative. Here she is adding some final details during set-up. Such a pro.


Valori Wells booth painting


She and I made sure to show off some Kaufman love.


Valori Wells and Carolyn Friedlander_kaufman


It was great having the entire Kaufman team nearby…they are so supportive…and just nice!

Below are Elisabeth and Nichole from their super team.


Elisabeth, Nichole and Carolyn at Quilt Market


The Kaufman booths were amazing, and I especially enjoyed this quilt that was within eye-sight. So stunning. It looks like the free pattern is coming soon. It’ll be hard not to want to try this in some of my favorite fabrics…


amazing quilt at Robert Kaufman booth


I also really liked this group of solids from Elizabeth Hartman


elizabeth hartman_kona solids


…so much so that I went home with some and have already cut them up and worked them into a project.


elizabeth hartman_kona solids sliced


Other Market snippets include…

book signings (a weird–but flattering–experience)


savor each stitch book stack


This awesome picture of the wonderful Jacqueline from Soak


Jacqueline from Soak


The Soak team also set me up with a sweet manicure courtesy of their Denyse Schmidt Soakbox.


Soakbox nails_Quilt Market 14


And my little Market take away was this awesome succulent from one of the Kaufman booths..isn’t it lovely?


my new plant from quilt market



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