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Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style + a Giveaway.

Being a fan of Lotta Jansdotter’s work, I’m thrilled to participate in the blog tour for her new book, Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style.

Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style

The book itself is a kind of style journal divided by season and taking place not only around Lotta’s life in New York, but also along her travels over the course of a year to Nashville, India and her homeland of Sweden. A very personal feel is gained through the glimpses shared of the people in her life, her sketch-book layouts and the use of her own handwriting and drawings throughout.

Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style

The patterns are mostly garment-related, but there are also a few bags and some cute accessories. To bring these ideas to light, Lotta enlisted the help of the massively capable and very talented Alexia Abegg.

What I really like about the patterns is that they are basic–in the classic sense, massively versatile, fast(!) and quite inspiring after seeing them represented in so many ways and on so many different people in the book. It’s also nice to see quilting cotton being used often and working well for many them.

A treat for me was when Lotta invited me to make a project–the patchwork scarf–to be used in the book. (That’s me below, second from the left!)

Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style

The scarf project is one of those projects that makes you look at fabric (and your stash) differently. Because of the construction, it works best with two-sided fabrics, meaning I perused my stash in a way that I hadn’t before. Usually, I’m just thinking about one side of the fabric, but this project encouraged me to think about how both sides could be used and viewed. I used many wovens, some lawn, and a little piece of hand-dyed architextures that I’d been holding on to.

Now that I’ve had the book in hand for a couple of weeks, I’ve already made a couple of things from it. First up, are my new Lotta pants (or Owyn, officially) in Lotta fabric. (Paired with my silk Mercer and new Wembley cardigan in this knit.)

Lotta Pants

I’d originally planned to make a top with the Lotta fabric, but while tracing the pattern pieces, I became enamored and curious with the pants and decided to give them a try. I didn’t make too many alterations other than shortening them a few inches (a very typical alteration for me being a shorty), as well as pulling in the leg width just a smidge.

Here they are again but styled with one of my favorite Lindens and a button-up…

lotta pants and linden sweatshirt

lotta pants and linden sweatshirt

And because I [got distracted by Owyn and] neglected my initial plans to make the Kiomi Top, I gave it a shot with a print from carkai. I LOVE this top. And the fact that I haven’t made more (yet) is reaffirming that I still have some willpower, because I’ve wanted to…and have been thinking about it…but just need to finish up some other things (holiday gifts) first…

kiomi top in carkai_carolyn friedlander

kiomi top in carkai_carolyn friedlander

(Yes, it’s still warm in Florida.)

It was a no brainer to pair Kiomi with my new Lucky Strike shorts (pattern is Simplicity 3850) and Wembley cardigan (again. I really am wearing this cardigan with everything…). I didn’t make any alterations to the top, except for using the more narrow width that’s supposed to be for the maxi-dress version. I figured the slightly slimmer silhouette would suit me a little better, and it ended up being perfect.

I enjoyed thinking about and making these projects, and I know they’ll both get a lot of wear. Lotta’s Everyday Style is a fun book that I don’t plan to put down anytime soon. In addition to more Kiomi tops, I’d like to try one of the jackets next.

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+ AND now, the giveaway–One lucky person will win a copy of the book, some Lotta fabric from Windham, Lotta temporary tattoos and Lotta washi tape. To enter, simply leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about whatever project/fabric/book you’ve been excited about. A winner will be chosen Thursday, Dec 24 at 9am EST.

kiomi top in carkai_carolyn friedlander

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Handmade Style: Makeup Travel Case.

I really needed one of these.

handmade style_makeup travel case_7_carolyn friedlander

My toiletries-schelpping-when-traveling situation hasn’t been very pretty lately. Or very functional, to be honest. I was basically doing the throw-everything-into-plastic-bags…then the throw-all-those-plastic-bags-into-a-canvas-tote thing…which I then would add a few more things to before shoving it all into a suitcase. It always seemed ridiculous…and bulky…and not super organized or efficient, which when traveling are key goals to shoot for.

Enter the Makeup Travel Case in Anna Graham’s new book, Handmade Style.

handmade style_makeup travel case_8_carolyn friedlander

First, I need to say that Anna’s book is amazing. (But that’s no surprise if you are familiar with her work.) If you don’t have this book yet, you’ll need to get it. It’s a book that I was really really (really REALLY) looking forward to, and it didn’t let me down. It’s been a book that I’ve poured over and over many times, admiring the sheer beauty (well done Anna and Holly on the photography!), while also endlessly planning what to make next. There are so many projects (23 to be exact), and basically all of them are things you’ll actually want to take on and use/gift/admire/hoard.

Handmade Style by Anna Graham

It’s a good one.

So this isn’t my first project from the book–I’ll have to post about the first project that I made soon–but it’s one that I felt I could justify moving to the top of the sewing list, because I wanted to put it to use.

The finished project is really perfect in terms of size, shape and what I needed for the task at hand. It fits just about everything I need, and it looks super cute (if I do say so myself) to boot. I always love projects with opportunities to play with fabric, trims, hardware and general detailing, and this project doesn’t let you down at all.

handmade style_makeup travel case_1_carolyn friedlander

To make a classy/structured/well-detailed bag such as this, does require a few extra steps, supplies and endurance, but the result is worth it. I pretty much made mine as written in Anna’s instructions, with only a few substitutions which were total personal preferences.

Instead of batting for the exterior panels, I used Soft and Stable, and then on the inside, rather than finishing the seams with a twill tape by machine, I elected to cover the seams with pre-made bias tape which I (patiently) hand stitched in place.

polka dot bias tape_carolyn friedlander

The inside pockets are super handy and help organize the space well, while also proving perfect for playing with fabric.

handmade style_makeup travel case_3_carolyn friedlander

handmade style_makeup travel case_2_carolyn friedlander

I couldn’t find cording in my stash (still not sure where I put that…) to make my own piping, but I really wanted to customize that aspect and make my own. Putting the brakes on the project to run to the store to purchase some wasn’t a desirable option, so I made do with some baker’s twine that I had on hand.

Luckily it worked out well! (Note: I probably wouldn’t recommend improv-ing your piping base if you are planning to wash your project. Since this was going in to a bag that isn’t likely to get washed, I figured it was a totally fine move to make.)

impromptu piping_carolyn friedlander

I always love the extra touches Anna adds to her projects, like the leather tabs on her zipper pulls, so I got creative with my own. On the outside zipper pulls, I used tabs sewn from the polka dot binding that I used on the inside–finished with a decorative stitch–and then for the inside zipper, I made a small tassel with a wad of embroidery floss.

handmade style_makeup travel case_4_carolyn friedlander

Project Details:

Pattern: Makeup Travel Case by Anna Graham in Handmade Style

Fabric: (I used many, which was part of the fun!)

+ Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker (exterior)

+ Doe and Doewide by me (piping, trim, hinge and lining)

+ Atelier Cats by Lecien (zippered lining pocket)

+ Daily News by Suzuko Koseki (gathered lining pocket)

+ Polka dot bias tape from Daiso

+ Purse zipper from ByAnnie (this was my first time using one of their zippers, and I loved it!)


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QuiltCon West.

Hi hi!

Well tomorrow (June 25, 10am EST) registration opens for QuiltCon West. Because of that, I thought I’d share the three classes that I’ll be teaching. It should be fun!

+ 632 Facing East . Thursday, Feb. 18, 9am-5pm

Combine appliqué, paper piecing and color theory with this strip-friendly project from my book. I will walk you through the techniques involved as well as how to create your own color story with this bold and versatile project.

Facing East Quilt_Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch

Photography © Alexis Wharem, Greenprint Photography reprinted by permission by Lucky Spool Media, LLC.


+ 820 Home Machine Quilting . Friday, Feb 19, 9am-5pm

Learn the basics for how to quilt on your home machine. I will start by discussing general strategy before leading into the specifics of free motion quilting and what to do with the walking foot. Come to this class ready to explore and experiment.

quilting Totem quilt_carolyn friedlander


+ 110 Catenary Quilt . Saturday, Feb. 20, 9am-5pm

Learn to love handwork with my architecture-inspired project, Catenary. It’s a great project for picking up and refining your needle-turn appliqué skills. We’ll also discuss how decisions in fabric selection and block placement can impact the look of the design and flavor of your project.

catenary quilt_quilt market_carolyn friedlander

And also, you can stay up-to-date on all of my other events here.

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