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Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

I finished this guy. Finally. And it was fun. Here’s a look at my Aerial Grove in Liberty and chambray that I started a little while ago (107 weeks according to Instagram) … with status updates here, here, here, here and most recently here. Wow. Lots of updates. But I guess that’s what happens when you can take your time with something. That last shot was taken when I finally decided to finish it up, and for good reason, because I was going to give it away.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

This pattern is a project from my book and one that I’ve now made several times. This version is full of Liberty prints and lots of chambrays and denims.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

One bonus of not finishing this sooner is that I was able to incorporate some euclid.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

This quilt is such a play on texture, both in the fabrics and the quilting. Liberty lawn is so fine and soft, which makes it seem almost delicate. And the chambrays and denims have a heavier look and feel, but they’re also soft and very textured. I wanted the quilting to enhance that softness and create even more texture. Plus, since I used big stitch, there’s an added layer of color in the quilting too.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

I even threw in a leftover Hesperides block. The colors, fabrics and shapes worked, and it wasn’t otherwise being used.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

This version is the first that I’ve made with a darker background. (Seen next to my Kona version.)

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

On the back, I went with this lighter blue Widescreen. I like that it adds color, and you’re also able to see the quilting.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

Pattern : Aerial Grove from Savor Each Stitch

Fabrics : Liberty for the appliqués, denims and chambrays (from Robert Kaufman), euclid, swiss dot chambray, leftover nani iro for the backgrounds, Widescreen for backing.

Aerial Grove in Liberty and Chambray . Carolyn Friedlander

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Facing East Quilt in Euclid.

Here’s a new Facing East Quilt in Euclid.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

Even though my new fabric collection Euclid is printed on Essex (and I’ve been making tons of garments and accessories with it), you can still use it (very easily) in quilts…and along with quilting cottons.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

I was very eager to sew up several quilts with the collection, including this version of Facing East in Euclid. This one mixes Euclid with Carkai, as well as some Kona Highlight.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

The palette that I had in mind was black, grey and natural with just the right amount of pop from some gold and bright yellow. The vision made for a very fun and challenging (in the best way) quilt to compile.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

The pattern is from my book, Savor Each Stitch, and it uses both paper piecing and applique techniques. I’ve made this project several times now, and they’ve all been quite different. In this one, it’s scrappy, with the central circles all being the same–a surprising decision to me since I’d been thinking I’d go scrappy with them too. It wasn’t until I was auditioning various circle options that I decided uniformity was the way to go. This happens with me all of the time. I’ll get something in my head about how I’ll finish it, and then when I’m there, I reassess the options and am excited by a new path to take.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

The quilting is super simple. I did some tying with yarn and then a very big, machine-stitched grid. I really like the added texture of the ties and the softness of the minimal quilting. Plus, the wool batting emphasizes all of it.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

On the back is some Doe Wide in black and white. I like that the black connects with the top, while the bright whiteness of it provides a fresh contrast.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

Aside from taking this guy to trunk shows with me, it’ll be nice to keep it at home for a bit. It’s adding a mixture of brightness and softness to wherever I decide to leave it.

Facing East Quilt in Euclid . Carolyn Friedlander

Pattern : Facing East from Savor Each Stitch

Fabric : Euclid, Carkai, Kona Highlight and Doe Wide (for the back)

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QuiltCon West.

Hi hi!

Well tomorrow (June 25, 10am EST) registration opens for QuiltCon West. Because of that, I thought I’d share the three classes that I’ll be teaching. It should be fun!

+ 632 Facing East . Thursday, Feb. 18, 9am-5pm

Combine appliqué, paper piecing and color theory with this strip-friendly project from my book. I will walk you through the techniques involved as well as how to create your own color story with this bold and versatile project.

Facing East Quilt_Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch

Photography © Alexis Wharem, Greenprint Photography reprinted by permission by Lucky Spool Media, LLC.


+ 820 Home Machine Quilting . Friday, Feb 19, 9am-5pm

Learn the basics for how to quilt on your home machine. I will start by discussing general strategy before leading into the specifics of free motion quilting and what to do with the walking foot. Come to this class ready to explore and experiment.

quilting Totem quilt_carolyn friedlander


+ 110 Catenary Quilt . Saturday, Feb. 20, 9am-5pm

Learn to love handwork with my architecture-inspired project, Catenary. It’s a great project for picking up and refining your needle-turn appliqué skills. We’ll also discuss how decisions in fabric selection and block placement can impact the look of the design and flavor of your project.

catenary quilt_quilt market_carolyn friedlander

And also, you can stay up-to-date on all of my other events here.

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New Site, New Shop.

Well, welcome!

There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes recently, and now you can see the results of some of that. The site has a new look, and on the back-end it’s entirely new. This means that it should not only run faster, but we’ve also tried to make things easier to find and more available for you.

And, the biggest news is that I now have a shop. (See 2nd menu item above and left.) In it, you will find a selection (that will grow) of my patterns available as PDF downloads. To start, we have Shirts, Outhouse, Social tote, Nest Egg tote, and Catenary.

Shirts Quilt Pattern snapshot_Carolyn FriedlanderOuthouse Quilt Pattern snap shot_Carolyn Friedlander

Social Tote Pattern snapshot_Carolyn Friedlander

Nest Egg Tote Pattern snapshot_Carolyn Friedlander

Catenary Quilt Pattern snapshot_Carolyn Friedlander

My book, Savor Each Stitch, is also available in the shop–it’s not for download, but is the physical, real deal that you will receive in your mailbox.

Savor Each Stitch book_Carolyn Friedlander

The addition of a shop and doing downloadables has been a long time coming, and it doesn’t arrive without some bittersweet feelings about it on my end. On the one hand, I love downloadable products. My own hard drive is chock full of PDFs that I’ve eagerly purchased from designers. They are a handy means to great projects that I’ve enjoyed making. As someone who doesn’t live close to a quilt shop, I can appreciate the convenience, and as someone who is often struck with moments of creative compulsion, I can appreciate the instant gratification of what just a few clicks can do for you.

Having said all of that, there still isn’t a replacement for having a beautiful pattern in hand or finding that pattern in the environment of a well-curated and thoughtful local quilt shop. The support of the independent retailers and distributors who carry my products over the last few years has helped me grow my business immeasurably, and so it’s important for me to recognize their role in this system not only as a designer, but as a consumer as well. Just like cruising blogs or instagram for project ideas, some of the best independent shops deliver us the same creative inspiration by doing their own homework to source the best patterns and supplies for us to see and use. For this reason, you’ll still find a directory of such shops, and I encourage you to support them as well.

In my book, I talk about how bringing ourselves into our projects makes them different, and quilt shops work in the same way. Each shop owner makes buying decisions based on any number of factors that they deem important. Because of that, you never know what you’ll find when you step into a new place. Or, you also end up seeing familiar things in a totally new context that makes you think about them in a new way, which I totally love. In traveling so much, I’m lucky to get to see so many of these amazing places, which is such a treat. (A dangerous treat, but still a treat…)

carolyn friedlander fabric at Superbuzzy

Colorful fabric bundles at Superbuzzy


cat fabric at Bunnys in Austin

Just a taste of the cat fabric at Bunny’s in Austin


Cabin blouse at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Inspiration is everywhere at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver


Classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Class offerings at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver


So, it’s with much happiness that I launch my new shop–I hope that it will be a great resource for you! I can’t wait to see what you make.

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Recent workshops in Colorado and Virginia.

Update on the teaching front: I’ve had some really great students. Here are pics from some of my recent workshops.

+ Aerial Grove (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild.


Aerial Grove workshop_1_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_5_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Bulls-Eye (from Savor Each Stitch) at Cotton Candy Sewing Shop in Loveland, Colorado.


Bulls-Eye workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Facing East (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Vienna Quilt Guild in Vienna, Virginia.


Facing East workshop_Carolyn Friedlander


Facing East workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander




Probably my favorite thing about teaching is seeing how each student brings their own personality into their project. Working with each student allows me to see my quilts in so many different ways, that each time I leave with many ideas and much inspiration.





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Collaboration with Patchwork Threads.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_2


I’ve been really excited about my collaboration with Patchwork Threads, which was just announced at QuiltCon. I’ve always admired their work, and I really enjoy seeing everyone sporting their shirts. So, after some discussion and many sketches, we arrived at two new designs.


First, savor it.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_3


There’s a bit of a reference to my book, but more than that, it’s intended to speak to what’s become a mantra for me (and I think many others) these days. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do, what matters is that we are thoughtful and enjoy doing it. It’s a good reminder, and one that we can apply to many things.


For that reason, I wanted the message to be a bit bold, but there’s also a little textural pizzazz…


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_5


I really like how the color came out. It’s a white graphic on a deep blue, organic v-neck. I’ve already imagined many outfits with this one…


The other shirt is a sketch taken from a new little houses design that debuted at QuiltCon. I only did a limited release of the pattern in Austin, but you can stay tuned for it to be released for real in my pattern line this spring.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_2


This shirt features a hip little house with plenty of grids and hand-drawn realness. The graphic is a warm and wonderful flame-orange color on a natural, organic crew-neck tee.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_4


Plus, it’s signed…making it super personal.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_3


Thank you so much, Patchwork Threads for a fun collaboration!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_1


Both shirts are already available (here and here), and I can’t wait to see how you guys wear them!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_3






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Post QuiltCon update.

Somehow it’s March…

Is anyone else with me in wondering where February went? (And I guess January too, for that matter.)


I’m back and mostly recovered from QuiltCon. It was so much fun…but also a pretty full schedule for me. I kind of did what they tell you not to do, which is to over schedule yourself so that you have no time to actually take it in. In fact, as I look through my photos from the event, I realize that I hardly took any…oops!


But honestly, it was really great getting to work with so many amazing students, and it was probably safer not to have too much time to wander the vendor hall…that place was dangerous!


Here are some of the things I did manage to capture.


Day 1: My Austin Houses class.


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Day 2: My Emphasis class from Savor Each Stitch.


Emphasis at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Emphasis at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Not sure what happened to either of my night classes…or what happened on Day 3, but on Day 4 was my Aerial Grove class (also from Savor Each Stitch), and my students pretty much rocked it.


Aerial Grove at QuiltCon 2015_Carolyn Friedlander


I also ran into my friend, Kim. I always love seeing her and her stuff.


Kim Eichler Messmer at QuiltCon 2015


Plus, we matched.


Kim Eichler Messmer and Carolyn Friedlander at QuiltCon 2015


My new collaboration with Patchwork Threads also launched at QuiltCon. I’m so excited about these shirts! Stay tuned for a proper blog post soon.


Savor It_patchwork threads_carolyn friedlander_quiltcon


Otherwise, I think I’ll continue to troll the #QuiltCon hashtag to see what else happened at the show. If you were there (in person or via social media stalking) what was your favorite part?





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Doe Fabric Makes A Couch: Part Two.


After planning, piecing, and quilting the panels for the couch …


Cutting up the Doe couch quilt_Carolyn Friedlander


it was time to hack them up.


Cutting Doe couch quilt_Aerial Focal Totem_Carolyn Friedlander


To be honest, I was nervous about this step. But I measured and marked everything all out before making the first cut. At this point, my mom and I were both working on this, so I had her come by and double check that all of my measurements and markings were correct and in the right place.


When I actually cut it, it was more liberating than I expected and quite fun. I might need to hack up quilts more often.


Doe Circle Lattice cut up_Carolyn Friedlander


While I was doing that, my mom was busy making the cording…


Doe Couch cording_Carolyn Friedlander


Then we joined efforts to add the cording to the side and front panels.

It was fun to start finally seeing them come to life.


Making Doe Circle Lattice cushions_Carolyn Friedlander


And voila.


Doe couch_Circle Lattice side_Carolyn Friedlander


This is the more serious side…


Doe couch_Circle Lattice cushions_Carolyn Friedlander


And then here’s the party side. (I can’t stop thinking of this couch as being kind of like a mullet…)


Doe couch_Aerial Focal Totem side_Carolyn Friedlander


Doe Couch pieced side_Carolyn Friedlander



While making this project, I kept thinking about how the couch was kind of similar to a toy that I used to play with as a kid.


childhood picture blocks_carolyn friedlander


I wondered how well you’d be able to understand the design of each side of the cushions when they came together despite being cut and sewn up into separate cushions. The cushions can come together to create one picture, or they can be switched and flipped around into segmented pieces of the same puzzle. I like the three dimensionality of that.


Doe couch baby_Carolyn Friedlander

Photo by Elisabeth Woo


(Big thank you to Nathalie for the Doe baby model and to Elisabeth Woo for taking this photo!)


The whole continuity thing is something that I’ve been drawn to before–not in the three-dimensional way–but certainly when it comes to the fabric.

Alturas from my pattern line…


Alturas quilt continuity_Carolyn Friedlander



and Cowboy Circle Lattice from Savor Each Stitch.


Cowboy Circle Lattice_Carolyn Friedlander

Photography © Alexis Wharem, Greenprint Photography reprinted by permission by Lucky Spool Media, LLC.


In moving forward, I still have the two matching chairs to complete the set. With them, I’m thinking of somehow incorporating Post and going in a flame direction.

We’ll see…









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Talking about Savor Each Stitch on Modern Sewciety.

Taking 2 weeks off was really fun (and much-needed), but now I’m definitely playing a lot of catch up since getting back. In fact, I’m just now getting to this…


Modern Sewciety_episode32


I chatted with Stephanie from Modern Sewciety recently about my new book–that is finally out (how crazy is that?!) You can find the chat here along with some other enticing interviews.


My goal is to tackle more of my inbox this morning so I can work on some projects later while listening to the show. I’m especially excited to hear what Jen Beeman has to say. I’m a big fan, and actually have quite a few of her patterns waiting in my queue…




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Spring Quilt Market 2014.

Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh was a little over a month ago now (kinda hard to believe!)…which I guess means that it’s time to share some photos from it. Better late than never, right?


I’ve never been to Pittsburgh before, and I was surprised by how lovely the city is. The convention center was also surprising in ways, the best of which was the natural light. This was how it looked when I walked through the loading dock to unload on the first day of set-up. It’s always crazy to me how much of a blank canvas it starts out as.


natural light at the pittsburgh convention center


Another highlight (that I didn’t get a picture of) was the scenery from the front of the convention center of the river and all their wonderful bridges and buildings. This was a city and convention center with plenty of character and charm.


Set up is always a whirlwind and a little stressful. There are those details that you hope will work out in reality how they work out in your head…or at least that’s how it is for me.


Set up quickly started out with plenty of ironing…


Carolyn Friedlander booth under construction at Spring 14 Market


…as well as a body-esque bag o’ quilts that we kept having to shuffle out of the way and try not to destroy.

(also, not super glamorous…)


the body bag of quilts_Carolyn Friedlander


These old grove ladders (that I still need to do a deeper clean on) were a recent procurement and where I wanted to display most of the 23 quilts from the book. Here I was just starting to figure out their placement.


Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch quilts at Spring 14 Market


This other wall was more of my new pattern area, and I wanted it to have a flame/tangerine theme. While I was getting the big stuff up there, I noticed that the two Circle Lattice quilts from the book (lower left) worked well with the them, so they went up too.


Carolyn Friedlander_Spring 14 booth under construction


The ladder wall was my Savor Each Stitch wall, and the plan was to make use of a ton of the photos we had from shooting the book. (Note to self: I need to devote an entire blog post to these photos–I have no one but our local girl, Alexis Wharem of Green Photography, to thank. She is amazing!)


Photo wall assembly_Carolyn Friedlander


More photos.


Carolyn Friedlander_Savor Each Stitch photo wall


Here’s how it all turned out.

New patterns–Totem and Post on the left, Savor Each Stitch stuff on the right.


carolyn friedlander_spring 2014 quilt market booth


Savor Each Stitch_quilts on ladders_Carolyn Friedlander


And I was really surprised and totally flattered to win an award.


carolyn friedlander_booth award


Carolyn Friedlander_booth award_Spring 14 Market


Alright, now we’ll move into my random pics from the show. When you’re holding down a booth, I can’t say that you get out too much to walk the floor (hence the not-so-comprehensive Quilt Market photos of anything else but my booth and what was right around me), but you do get some great visitors.

Starting with my awesome neighbors–I totally lucked out!

Vintage quilts and fabric across the way…


Vintage quilt neighbor


Jen Kingwell was one of my immediate neighbors–such a dream! Her quilts are beautiful to stare at, and she’s a great person too.


Jen Kingwell at Quilt 14 Market


I paid closer attention to her Green Tea and Sweet Beans again, since I’m taking a stab at making my own.


Jen Kingwell at Quilt Market 14


And then to the other side was Valori Wells! She’s so much fun and super creative. Here she is adding some final details during set-up. Such a pro.


Valori Wells booth painting


She and I made sure to show off some Kaufman love.


Valori Wells and Carolyn Friedlander_kaufman


It was great having the entire Kaufman team nearby…they are so supportive…and just nice!

Below are Elisabeth and Nichole from their super team.


Elisabeth, Nichole and Carolyn at Quilt Market


The Kaufman booths were amazing, and I especially enjoyed this quilt that was within eye-sight. So stunning. It looks like the free pattern is coming soon. It’ll be hard not to want to try this in some of my favorite fabrics…


amazing quilt at Robert Kaufman booth


I also really liked this group of solids from Elizabeth Hartman


elizabeth hartman_kona solids


…so much so that I went home with some and have already cut them up and worked them into a project.


elizabeth hartman_kona solids sliced


Other Market snippets include…

book signings (a weird–but flattering–experience)


savor each stitch book stack


This awesome picture of the wonderful Jacqueline from Soak


Jacqueline from Soak


The Soak team also set me up with a sweet manicure courtesy of their Denyse Schmidt Soakbox.


Soakbox nails_Quilt Market 14


And my little Market take away was this awesome succulent from one of the Kaufman booths..isn’t it lovely?


my new plant from quilt market



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Savor Each Stitch workshop at Gather Here.

Makers Gonna Make


Yesterday was my class at Gather Here in Cambridge. It was great and so much fun. We worked on Facing East from my new book.

They have this wonderful annex above the shop with tons of light and very ample work space, as well as more fabric which makes it colorful and so lovely.

I was also able to get all of the quilts from the book to the shop, so they’ve got them scattered around in the shop below and on the walls in the work rooms.


Savor Each Stitch quilts and Gather Here_Carolyn Friedlander



Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_1


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_2


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_3


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_4


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_5


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_6


Savor Each Stitch_Facing East_Gather Here


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_8


Gather Here_Savor Each Stitch class_7


Savor Each Stitch_Facing East quilt_Gather Here


I’m looking forward to the book signing tonight at 6:00pm. Stop by if you’re in town.


Savor Each Stitch quilts at Gather Here_Carolyn Friedlander



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QuiltCon 2015 classes.

I can’t believe that it’s almost time to register for QuiltCon. It’s pretty crazy how fast time has flown since the last one, and in many ways I hope it continues to fly, because I’m ready for round 2. The first QuiltCon was truly a special and inspiring event, and I’m flattered and excited to be teaching at this next one. Plus, Austin is an amazing place and well-suited host city for us fun-loving creatives. Since registration is fast approaching, I thought I’d do a quick summary of what I’ll be teaching, and I hope to see you there!


+ Houses . Thursday, February 19 . 9am-5pm 


local quilt_carolyn friedlander


Designing my Local quilt was a lot of fun, and since it’s release I’ve been asked many times how to design your own (house) block. Well, this class is a take off from that. I’ll be designing a special Austin/QuiltCon house block that we’ll make in class (so you’ll learn to paper piece), but I’ll also walk you through the block-design process.


Since I’ll be teaching with the Austin MQG in August, I’m looking forward to doing some local recon for this special project ahead of time. I want this project to be a commemorative, Austin-themed block for the class, and I’ll be documenting the entire process so that you can see exactly how I did it. Then I’ll make sure to work with everyone in the class on building their own.

And hey, if you sign up for this class, maybe you’ll want to bring a picture of your house or a special house in your life, and I’ll give you some pointers on turning it into your own special quilt.


+ Emphasis . Friday, February 19 . 9am-5pm 


Emphasis quilt_stripe_carolyn friedlander

Photography © Alexis Wharem, Greenprint Photography reprinted by permission by Lucky Spool Media, LLC.



Emphasis is series of projects as well as a major design tool that I talk about in my new book, Savor Each Stitch. The basic idea with emphasis (the projects and design tool) is that you can do so much just by careful decisions in how you use your block. This is something that I love about quilt making. We’ll be breaking down the idea of a quilt block to explore how block strategy and manipulation can give you so much to work with, and how we can use it to impact our final designs.


As for the project itself, you’ll also learn to paper piece, and we’ll talk a lot about fabric and quilting strategy as well.



+ Architecture, Quilts + Us . Saturday, February 21 . 4pm-4:45pm



architecture, quilts and us_carolyn friedlander_quiltcon2015



Alright, so this is a lecture, and I’m not gonna lie that giving my first formal lecture in a large hall scares me just a little bit. But, I am pretty excited and passionate about my topic. So there’s that. Plus, I’ve had this talk on my mind for quite a while now, and I’ve got some time between now and then to get lots of practice in.


So, Architecture and Quilts…


For me, I see a direct correlation between the two, but I know that may not be super obvious to most people. This is surely why I get asked so often if I miss architecture or when I plan to go back to it. The answer to both of those questions is that I don’t feel like I ever left it, OR, maybe more true, is that I feel like what I am doing now is a more fitting continuation of what I enjoyed most about architecture that I didn’t necessarily get while working in the field.


But, why does this matter? Or, why should a room full of quilters care about what I think about architecture and quilting? Well for one, I know that I am not alone, and I know this because I meet tons of architects, engineers, and other folks with design backgrounds through quilting all the time. So much so, that it’s not really surprising to me anymore, and the reasons why this is true is relevant to all of us. There are some really strong parallels between architecture and quilting that we can look at and use to make all of us better quilters.


Another focus of the talk will be on modernity (a relevant topic to highlight and discuss at the Modern Quilt Guild’s flagship event). I think that there are some interesting connections to be made between modernity in architecture and modernity in quilting that I am excited to explore.


So anyways, that’s kind of what’s on the docket for this talk. I promise to also provide some beautiful slides, to talk directly from my own experience, and to provide a look at quilting through a slightly different lens, which is something I always think can be a helpful thing to do.


+ Aerial Grove . Sunday, February 22 . 9am-5pm



Aerial Grove quilt_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove is another project from my new book, and color is a huge part of this project. I know for a fact that color is a main attraction for us quilters, and I also think that how we use it can be really powerful. In class, we’ll focus not only on working with color but also on developing your own color stories and how working with prints and pattern can play into the mix. Technique-wise, you’ll learn my favorite way of needle-turn appliqué (it’s fun and easy!).


I really want this class to be hands on and fun, with lots of attention paid to helping you find your own unique sense of working with color.


So that’s the list of what we can work on together. I tried to put a lot of time and attention into my offerings at QuiltCon, because I do think it is such a special event. I know that everyone involved has to set aside lots of time, money, and energy to attend, and I definitely want it be mindful of that to make it a worthwhile and fun experience for all.


You can find the full QuiltCon schedule to download here.


Here are the important QuiltCon registration dates:

+ June 24, 2014: Registration open for all MQG members 11am EST/8am PDT

+ July 1, 2014: Registration open to non members


They’ve also put together this helpful video for how to register. You can find it here.


I hope to see you there!





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