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Big Stitch Coasters Tutorial

13_big stitch coasters_baste and big stitch_carolyn friedlander

These big stitch coasters are one of my favorite quickie projects that get used often around my house. Not only are they a great way to show off some favorite fabrics and/or colors, but they are also a great way to practice your big stitch hand quilting! Of course, you could machine quilt these as well!

8_big stitch coasters_finished coasters_carolyn friedlander


Supplies + Materials (to make four coasters): (here’s a post of some of my favorite Big Stitch Quilting supplies.)


  • Roughly 70” of 1” bias tape for binding (Or cut 1 7/8” strips on the bias and use 25mm bias tape maker to create your own.)


Big Stitch Coasters Tutorial . Carolyn Friedlander


  • Four 5” x 5” fabric squares for front
  • Four 6” x 6” fabric squares for back
  • Four 6” x 6” squares of batting
  • Perle cotton thread in a variety of colors (I use sizes no. 12 and no. 8)
  • Big Stitch quilting needles
  • Thimble
  • Circle Template (below)



1. Fold and press coaster fronts in half and in half again. Align circle template with folds, mark arc and cut along line.

2. Layer coaster front (RIGHT side UP), batting (in the middle), and coaster back (RIGHT side DOWN) and baste together. Using perle cotton thread and big stitch needle, stitch through all layers. (Note: I simply followed the fold lines, but you can get as creative or decorative as you want with it!)

3. Repeat for remaining coasters.

4. Trim excess batting and backing, and bind all edges.


This post originally appeared as part of the series on slow sewing over at Sew Mama Sew. You can find that post here.

Here are a couple other versions to check out.

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testing a new tool. (+ bias tape tutorial)


applique iron


I picked up a mini iron this week for a project I’m working on, and I’m surprised how much I like it already–she is surprisingly effective!


I splurged on the upgraded model with the safety guard, which was a good call. I can be a klutz and so any risk reduction in that area is probably worthwhile, especially since I still managed to singe myself on the hot holder on day 1. Watch out for that too.


Here’s a quick tutorial for double fold bias tape since I was just cranking some out. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought this iron would give me such a great crease on something like this, but it turns out that it does just the trick. I’m a convert.



To make 1″ double fold tape, start with 1-7/8″ strips cut on the bias. Join with diagonal seam and press open.


diagonal seam


Feed the tape through a bias tape maker (#25 for this particular size) WRONG side UP and press folds in place as she comes out.


first fold_carolyn friedlander


To make it double fold, bring one side up so that folded edges are about 1/8″ apart. Press in place.


double fold bias_carolyn friedlander


Ta-dah. Jazz something up with your own custom binding. I’m always a fan of that.

And I’m apparently a real sucker for this ledger print in that bias-trim-scenario, see here and here.


architextures double fold bias tape_carolyn friedlander



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