Euclid Cooper Backpack

With another kid on the way, my sister had been hinting around about making a backpack to help her haul all the things she needs (and hands free…the beauty of a backpack). It’s really exciting that she’s gotten in to sewing the last couple of years, and so I was really supportive of her motivation to make a backpack. So supportive, that I offered up some Euclid and some help to see her Euclid Cooper backpack through.

Euclid Cooper Backpack . Carolyn Friedlander

The pattern she decided on was the Cooper Backpack by Colette, a pattern I’d also been curious about. There’s something intriguing about the cover and all of its versions that made me wonder what the final project would be like.

Euclid Cooper Backpack . Carolyn Friedlander

It’s a pretty handy project. The straps fit well and feel quite sturdy. We ended up interfacing additional parts of the project like the lining, straps, pockets and flap, which isn’t something that was mentioned in the instructions. We did this to add body and stability to this bag knowing that it would be put to work. (Plus, when you’re making a bag with me, I tend to fall on the overly-interfaced and stabilized side of things…)

cooper euclid_3_carolyn friedlander_web

There are a lot of pieces to the project, so it helped that this was a team effort, especially since we had an 18 month old toddling around during some of the process…

Euclid Cooper Backpack . Carolyn Friedlander

I wasn’t thrilled with the recommended closure option for the backpack, so I sort of MacGyvered this one out of toggles, cording and leather bits. It works! Plus, you’ll notice that we added some piping to the front pocket. (I love some piping!)

Euclid Cooper Backpack . Carolyn Friedlander

My new nephew arrived this week, and he’s healthy and super adorable. This Euclid Cooper backpack is loaded and already seeing plenty of action as my sister and brother-in-law settle in to having the little guy around.

Pattern : Cooper by Colette Patterns

Fabrics : Euclid, Architextures, Carkai and Essex

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