Euclid Double Zip Wallet

This Euclid Double Zip Wallet is a project from Anna Graham’s Handmade Style book, a project that I’ve been super eager to make. It has always looked so clever and handy. Plus, my own wallet has been starting to show its age.

Euclid and Carkai Double Zip Wallet

In this version, I knew that I wanted to showcase my new Euclid fabric along with some of my Carkai fabric.Euclid and Carkai Double Zip WalletEuclid and Carkai Double Zip Wallet

The first part of  picking out fabrics was great, because there are several parts that will be seen, and I always love planning out what to put where and what to put next to what else. (I loved checking out this post on the Fancy Tiger Blog to see some of their interpretations, as well as Anna’s post here.)

Next, the clever construction made for an entertaining sew.Euclid and Carkai Double Zip Wallet

Plus, there are some really fun detailing opportunities when it comes to the zippers and closure tab. (I got my zippers at Zipit and the snap is Dritz.)

I used metal snaps instead of magnetic, because that’s kind of been my snap mood lately. (Anna has an awesome snap tutorial here, which I have bookmarked and use every time I need to install one.)Euclid and Carkai Double Zip Wallet

So yeah, there she is. The pattern is from Anna Graham’s Handmade Style book, and the fabrics are Euclid and Carkai.

But wait, there’s more…

Since making just one wasn’t enough, and since I knew that the first one would be more of a display item until Market, it was too easy to justify making a second one for myself to start using immediately and everyday.

euclid tangerine double zip wallet

On mine, I decided to add a little embroidery to the tab with my favorite color–Aurifil #1104–the neon orange in their 12-wt cotton. Such an amazing color…

euclid tangerine double zip wallet

I can’t say enough good things about this pattern and the final product. It’s such a smart pattern, and the end result is so incredibly useful. You can really stuff all of your essentials into it–cards, cash, lip gloss, phone–which is why on this version I also added a D-ring (see upper left in above photo) in case I ever want to clip on a strap and carry it around solo and hands free.euclid tangerine double zip wallet

Fabrics for my version include pieces from Euclid and Carkai, plus a little bit of Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton + Steel.

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2 Responses to Euclid Double Zip Wallet

  1. Erin June 12, 2016 at 8:28 am #

    Love these! This pattern is on my to-make list.

  2. Gisa June 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm #

    Oh my. These are rad. Your colour choices are always spot-on!

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