social extras

See Social Tote pattern for full instructions.

Mark corners and midlines (where indicated in directions).

social tote_inner shell_1_carolyn friedlander

Sew between dots.

 social tote_inner _carolyn friedlander

Sew short sides.

social tote_inner shell_3_carolyn friedlander

Pin long bottom side (matching midlines).

social tote_inner shell_4_carolyn friedlander

Sew between dots.

social tote_inner shell_5_carolyn friedlander

Clip corners and sew remaining sides.

social tote_inner shell_6_carolyn friedlander

Cut in half.

social tote_inner shell_7_carolyn friedlander

Add secondary divider (one side at a time, starting at bottom).

social tote_inner shell_8_carolyn friedlander

Sew sides.

social tote_inner shell_9_carolyn friedlander

Sew to other side.

social tote_inner shell_10_carolyn friedlander

Baste compartments together at sides and bottom.

social tote_inner shell_11_carolyn friedlander

Trim divider seam allowance.

social tote_inner shell_12_carolyn friedlander

Continue with large compartment.

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