the Nest Egg Tote

Nest Egg tote_pattern front_Carolyn Friedlander

This tote is all about some hands-free hauling!

The Nest Egg tote started with a desire for a cross-body-style bag that could be used not only for a purse, but also for carrying some sewing necessities. (In fact, I’ve made multiple versions for each purpose!)

I liked the idea of a round, graphic shape that could open up flat, so there’s a zipper that runs the entire side and then a hinge at the bottom to hold it all together. Inside, I played around with a couple of different ways to hold things. On one side are elastic bands, and on the other are two big pockets.

project size : h. 8″ x w. 8″ x d. 3″

fabric friendly : The cover projects feature fabrics from my Doe collection.

skill level : intermediate

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Nest Egg tote_pattern back_Carolyn Friedlander

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