Sessoms Quilt In Gleaned Fabrics.

My Sessoms quilt was one of my very first patterns. It’s a design that I’ve enjoyed making through the years, as well as one that I’ve enjoyed seeing others make. For many reasons, it’s been a long time coming to make a new one, update the printed version and translate the pattern into a digital format.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

First, I have to credit two people for making this quilt happen. Ellen Rushman pieced the quilt, and Gina Pina quilted it. I’m so appreciative of these super talented ladies for bringing this project to life.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

When I first opened the box from Gina after she quilted it, I actually gasped. Of course I’d seen pictures during the process, but there’s nothing like seeing a project for the first time in real life. The colors, piecing and quilting felt so bright and cheerful, which at the time was very welcome. I was still in hurricane-Irma-recovery mode, and seeing this quilt totally made me forget about everything that had happened.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

The design was inspired by some lattice-work on Sessoms Avenue in my hometown–a street where my Dad grew up. I love bringing a change in color and fabrics to a repeated block. There’s something special about seeing the changes across the surface of the quilt.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

The fabrics are all from my newest collection, Gleaned, and the background is one of the new Architextures crosshatch colors. I’ve been using this particular color a lot! It’s a pale grey-ish green that I’ve found to match just about everything.

Sessoms Quilt . Gleaned Fabric . Carolyn FriedlanderThe pattern is kind of neat because it works with a 2 1/2″ roll-up and/or 5″-square pack, so it’s pretty easy to attain a colorful gradient–you could just work the fabrics in order off the roll.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

The quilting motif was inspired by ripples in a pool. I’ve been totally obsessed with the motif ever since Gina posted a picture showing it. Sometimes I really like how democratic an overall quilting pattern can function in a project, and this a great example. The quilting adds an evenness to the quilt that doesn’t compete with the piecing, but it also lends a relevant texture. I just really like it.

Sessoms Throw Quilt Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

That’s Sessoms.

Big thanks to Ellen and Gina for making it happen. And another big thanks to Lexi at Greenprint Photography for snapping these great pics.

Pattern : Sessoms Quilt

Fabrics : Gleaned, Architextures

Sessoms Quilt . Quilt Market 2017 . Carolyn Friedlander

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  1. Suzanne Kuhns December 22, 2017 at 11:21 am #

    Really interesting quilt pattern. I love the quilting as well – you are right, it works with the pattern instead of competing with it. The fabric line is fascinating. I am always in awe of the talents of quilters/designers like yourself.


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