Aurifil 12 wt and Aurifloss Set


Aurifil Big Stitch / Aurifloss Set – 5 (12wt Cotton) and 5 (Aurifloss) Spools

This combination of Aurifil’s 12wt Cotton and Aurifloss is a great set for all types of decorative and functional finishes.

Thread Details:

+ 5 spools of 12wt cotton, 54 yards each – perfect for big stitch hand quilting

+ 5 spools of Aurifloss, 6-strand cotton, 18 yards each – perfect for embroidery

Plus, the small spool size is excellent for travel!

Set Details:

+ This set comes in a rigid, cardboard case with colorful label.

+ 12wt threads come on plastic spools, and Aurifloss comes on wooden spools.

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