Aurifil 80wt Applique Set


Aurifil 80wt Cotton Thread Set for Appliqué – 10 (300 yards each) Wooden Spools

Aurifil 80wt cotton thread is my favorite thread for hand appliqué–the threads just disappear into your project, while still being super strong.

This set contains 10 spools (300 yards each) of my favorite and most essential colors. Anytime I put together a set of something, I try to cover as many bases as possible, and this set does just that! The thinness of the thread means fewer colors cover more bases, and this group aims to cover all of the important ones. The set will work well with many projects and my fabrics. Plus, the small spool size is perfect for travel!

Set Details:

+ 10 colors, 300 Yards each

+ 100% Cotton, 80wt Thread

+ This set comes in a rigid, cardboard case with colorful label.

+ Threads come on wooden spools.

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