Spoonflower visit.

Recently I was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to teach. While I was there, I was very lucky to have been able to sneak in a trip to Spoonflower. Wow. That place was amazing.

Spoonflower HQ

You are greeted with goodness right away.

Did you know they do wallpaper? It’s pretty awesome.

Spoonflower wall paper

Spoonflower entry

On to where the magic happens…

Spoonflower printers

The set up is pretty impressive. I think there are 30 printers in this one room, plus a new custom printer in from Israel (not pictured, but it is big). The new beast is something they hope to shift most of their production over to sometime in the future. I think they said it is the only one of its kind in the world.

Exciting stuff is happening.

Spoonflower printing

Their current printers print 2 yards of fabric an hour.

Spoonflower printing_3

Then they have to go through another machine to set the inks.

Spoonflower magic

Spoonflower organization

Spoonflower rolls

Spoonflower station

Most everything gets cut down by hand. I think this guy was cutting down decals or wrapping paper.

Spoonflower gift wrap

Spoonflower cutting

Order storage and fulfillment. Pets seemed to be a popular theme.

Spoonflower sorting

Rashida Coleman-Hale sighting on one of the many beautifully upholstered areas.

Rashida Coleman Hale at Spoonflower

Lots of other designs. Everywhere and on everything.

Pouf loveliness at Spoonflower

I learned that they print on even more cool stuff than I realized. New swatches include silky faille, performance knit, wallpaper, gift wrap (both satin and matte finishes), and wall decals. You’ve got options.

Spoonflower swatches

Thanks Spoonflower for being so awesome!


3 Responses to Spoonflower visit.

  1. Krista Anne December 2, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    It was lovely to have you, Carolyn!

    -Krista Anne @ Spoonflower

  2. Sara February 14, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    I was looking at your quilting ideas and came across this post. I just posted about our recent visit to Spoonflower as well. You have some great process photos. We were there for a charity sewing event and had a lovely time sewing up pretty pillowcase dresses for orphans.

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