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New Widescreen Colors

Good news, there are three new Widescreen colors. Widescreen is one of my extra-wide fabrics with Robert Kaufman. At 108″-wide, they make backing a quilt super easy.

Widescreen fabric by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

First up is a warm plummy-purple. I’m looking forward to pairing it with plenty of orange and peach and cream.

Widescreen fabric by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

Then there’s a slightly saturated, sky-ish blue. It will go with everything…reds, greens, darker blues, golds…

Widescreen fabric by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

And finally a green. I’ve really been wanting a green. It’s a slightly sophisticated grassy-green that I’m thinking will suit lighter blues, navies and denims, plus mints and other greens.

Widescreen fabric by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

As soon as they arrived last week, I started auditioning them with my liberty aerial grove–a WIP that is recently back in the rotation.

liberty aerial grove . carolyn friedlander

liberty aerial grove . carolyn friedlander

liberty aerial grove . carolyn friedlander

Not sure which one I’ll pick, because I kind of like them all…and for different reasons. Guess, it’ll depend on what mood I’m in when I am ready to baste.

Widescreen fabric by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

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Recent workshops in Colorado and Virginia.

Update on the teaching front: I’ve had some really great students. Here are pics from some of my recent workshops.

+ Aerial Grove (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild.


Aerial Grove workshop_1_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_5_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Bulls-Eye (from Savor Each Stitch) at Cotton Candy Sewing Shop in Loveland, Colorado.


Bulls-Eye workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Facing East (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Vienna Quilt Guild in Vienna, Virginia.


Facing East workshop_Carolyn Friedlander


Facing East workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander




Probably my favorite thing about teaching is seeing how each student brings their own personality into their project. Working with each student allows me to see my quilts in so many different ways, that each time I leave with many ideas and much inspiration.





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Post QuiltCon update.

Somehow it’s March…

Is anyone else with me in wondering where February went? (And I guess January too, for that matter.)


I’m back and mostly recovered from QuiltCon. It was so much fun…but also a pretty full schedule for me. I kind of did what they tell you not to do, which is to over schedule yourself so that you have no time to actually take it in. In fact, as I look through my photos from the event, I realize that I hardly took any…oops!


But honestly, it was really great getting to work with so many amazing students, and it was probably safer not to have too much time to wander the vendor hall…that place was dangerous!


Here are some of the things I did manage to capture.


Day 1: My Austin Houses class.


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Day 2: My Emphasis class from Savor Each Stitch.


Emphasis at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Emphasis at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Not sure what happened to either of my night classes…or what happened on Day 3, but on Day 4 was my Aerial Grove class (also from Savor Each Stitch), and my students pretty much rocked it.


Aerial Grove at QuiltCon 2015_Carolyn Friedlander


I also ran into my friend, Kim. I always love seeing her and her stuff.


Kim Eichler Messmer at QuiltCon 2015


Plus, we matched.


Kim Eichler Messmer and Carolyn Friedlander at QuiltCon 2015


My new collaboration with Patchwork Threads also launched at QuiltCon. I’m so excited about these shirts! Stay tuned for a proper blog post soon.


Savor It_patchwork threads_carolyn friedlander_quiltcon


Otherwise, I think I’ll continue to troll the #QuiltCon hashtag to see what else happened at the show. If you were there (in person or via social media stalking) what was your favorite part?





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