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hi, april.

Quilt Market is looming, as it tends to do. That’s fine. I mean there are still (quite a few) logistical things that need to be worked out, and my new stuff is not quite ready to see the light of day. But those are just details, right?


But seriously. I am really excited about the new stuff I’ve been working on. And I am excited to travel all the way over to Portland in May. I’ve never been there, and I hear she’s quite the hip lil place.


In addition to Quilt Market, I’m so happy to have a couple of workshops and trunk show lined up at Portland’s Modern Domestic. It’ll be fun to hang around after the show and meet more of the locals. On the agenda we’ve got some beginner-friendly stuff in an Aerial workshop (similar to this one), then some slightly trickier stuff in an Olive class, and finally a little socializing, chatting, and quilt-gazing in the evening during an open house/trunk show kind of thing.


I just recently shipped off the goodies for that.


olive and aerial in the mail


I’ve also been rummaging through my trash can for scraps to turn into notecards as I seem to have depleted my stash.


swatched card

These also kind of show some of my recent swatches and what I’m working with.

scrappy swatches

scrappy notecard

Marathon quilting on some new stuff…

quilting on essex linen


Dreaming about making a wiksten tank with some tsuru.


tsuru wiksten


And I’m massively impressed with Ken Kaufman’s “Matzotextures.” You’ve gotta check that out.





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fun day at the expo.

I had a great time yesterday at the expo–especially teaching my class. Everyone caught on quickly and did beautiful work.
No blood and no tears.
Good deal.


aerial blocks



Deep in fabric-selection thought.







Got one done!








aerial blocks


aerial blocks


Nice having a neighbor to borrow some green (kona kiwi) from.


aerial blocks





Excellent job all!



Other expo sightings included :


A cool jacket.


embroidered jacket


Akonye Kena







Rad sketchbooks at Some Art Fabric.



The House That Kaffe Built (great name!) by Kathryn Patterson and Rebecca Segura.




I’m a big fan of the creative feather application.





A special Victoria Findlay Wolfe collection from her book. This one was quilted by Angela Walters.







Vintage buttons. Always a fan.



Lots of architextures goodies at Fabric Warehouse. (Thanks guys!)







Holly and Melody from Fabric Warehouse looking so cute.



And two of the Inspire girls.




With their impressive signage. Nice one, Lisa!



And I did come home with a pretty hardcore rotating cutting mat.

It’s got ball bearings.

I’ll probably be grunting while rotating later today.


So fun to see everyone!




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aerial workshop this week.

And the samples are finally done.

deep breath.


warm aerial architextures_carolyn friedlander


warm aerial architextures detail_carolyn friedlander



There are two other colorways to this gang.

Meet Mr. Cool.


cool aerial architextures_carolyn friedlander


cool aerial architextures detail_carolyn friedlander


And Mr. Grayscale.


grayscale aerial architextures_carolyn friedlander


grayscale aerial architextures detail_carolyn friedlander


Together, they are a group of samples for my workshop (this Thursday!) at the Original Sewing Expo in Lakeland, Florida. (I’m not sure, but there might be a couple spots left.) We’re going to be putting together my Aerial pattern with some architextures.

Everything’s all kitted up and ready to go.


I found myself really enjoying getting these guys together. I’d designed the pattern long before I had my own fabric to sew with, and it was a fun treat to see how it all played out.





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