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It’s on.

And you better believe I’m excited. Right now, I’m waiting to board my flight to Austin and QuiltCon is almost at my finger tips.

While I’m waiting for that. Let’s kick this adventure off with a quilt.


sunrise architextures_carolyn friedlander


Sunrise + architextures + coordinating konas.

2 1/2″ strip packs of each + kona cactus for the frames, green map for the sashing, green trees for the border, and kona teal blue for the binding.


sunrise architextures_detail_carolyn friedlander


Here’s to much more to come.



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happy valentines day!

aerial quilt_carolyn friedlander


Aren’t I just so festive?

I started the morning off with some free-spirited, free-motion. Sometimes you just need to do some doodling, and that’s exactly what’s been going on here. The sample (Aerial, btw) is for a workshop I’m doing in March, and I’ve had it basted and ditch-stitched for longer than I should admit.


We’ve got QuiltCon a week away, which is nuts! I’m totally excited to be taking off for a few days, hanging out with lots of quilters, being in Austin, and doing whatever else along the way. I know there are plenty of folks who aren’t able to make it, and so I’ve decided to run some posts while I’m gone featuring tons of my recent projects in a little series I’m calling, “a quilt a day.” I hope that’s not too dorky.


So watch out for that, and send any pics my way (info[at]carolynfriedlander[dot]com). I’d love to include some quilts from you too. It’ll be our own lil quilt show.


And remember my recent sewing binge? Cheryl just released details on her next goodie. It’s safe to say that I’m already obsessed.





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envelope making.

architextures fabric envelopes_carolyn friedlanderI’ve been making some envelopes.

envelope maker

With some card stock, fabric, stamps, and my trusty templates (above), I’ve been working to build back up my stash. I can’t seem to find the exact templates that I bought on etsy before, but these look like a great option.

architextures fabric envelopes_flat_carolyn friedlander


architextures fabric envelopes_carolyn friedlander


architextures fabric envelopes_carolyn friedlander


architextures fabric envelopes_carolyn friedlander


stamped envelopes_carolyn friedlander


stamped envelopes_carolyn friedlander


Scraps of fabric work great for the liners, and I made cardboard templates once I got the sizes down. I’m thinking you could make some fully fabric versions with a little interfacing–will have to try that next time. Then I used some spray adhesive to attach the lining, and double stick tape to keep everything else in place.




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