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hello quilts.

They’re baaack…

box of quilts

…all six of them have been traveling around and apparently having a great time this summer on tour. I’m totally honored to have had so many wonderful shops hosting them all over the country. My next step will be to get them out of their box to breathe and decompress. They need it.


Good news related to that is that two of them will be turning right around and heading over to Georgia for the Georgia Quilt Show. I just got word of their acceptance. Hoorah!


Otherwise, it’s been a busy week spent working on new patterns, samples, and other goodies that I am very excited about. I’m also starting to feel the pressure of Market as it looms in the fast-approaching, near future and am cranking it in to full gear. There is a lot to be done, which is why I was thrilled to have the good fortune of finding the new Dave Eggers novel on the new release shelf at the library this week. SCORE! The gods must have known that I needed some enjoyable reading at 3am these last few nights to distract my brain from its obsession with all things Market related.


So it goes.


And I’m seeing lots of signs for exciting stuff this fall. I was completely stoked to get a taste of Rashida Coleman-Hale‘s new fabric line, as well as the line with Kokka from Ellen Luckett Baker.


Should be good.



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aerial eye candy.

For whatever reason I’m having a difficult time focusing today, so I thought I’d share some (slightly random) eye candy from one of my newest patterns, aerial. Enjoy!

First is an early sketch. I think this one happened on an airplane, which is where I got the inspiration–an overhead (aerial) view of a patchwork landscape. From early on I wanted each block to have its own flavor, so I decided to limit the colors in each to a small set. That way I’d get more overall variety and (hopefully) keep some of the craziness under control so you could still see the pattern. When I made the sample I found myself trying not to repeat any of my previous color combinations. It was fun, challenging, and kept me entertained.

aerial sketch carolyn friedlander

Next up is a shot of the sample before she got sandwiched and quilted. I thought her backside looked especially enticing. The added texture and directionality of the seams makes it feel somewhat sculptural, which I like. (Looks like my chambray was getting a little out of control down there in the corner. No biggie. Chambray can be discreet about that from the front.)

aerial underside carolyn friedlander

And last are some stamp shots. While I haven’t been able to fiddle around with too many other aerial quilt samples, I have had some fun with the stamp. Bring on the visual texture.

aerial envelope red carolyn friedlander

aerial envelope carolyn friedlander

aerial envelope purple red carolyn friedlander

Red on purple. Oh yeah.



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making a clean spot.

In starting a business (and also in life) there’s a certain amount of necessary and miscellaneous stuff that starts to accumulate – in piles in my case. Quilting goods pose a similar threat, but my recent issues have had more to do with managing the random boxes, packing supplies, and extra inventory that are starting to take over my life. My recent feature on where I sew planted an organizational seed. It shouldn’t be a secret that I did some much-needed de-cluttering, dusting, and reorganizing in preparation for inviting others to see my space. And since then, I’ve been motivated to take an hour or two here and there to tidy up some other areas.




Here’s a look at my inventory. I should have taken a before picture. It was bad. And scary. Ikea has become a good friend in my efforts. The polka-dot boxes may be a bit loud, but they are just the right size for housing my extra stock of patterns. They also add some flavor to the otherwise utilitarian shelf.


My extra supply of shipping boxes may not look as pretty, but at least they are organized in a way that doesn’t require shuffling through a pile of random shapes and sizes before finding (or not finding) the appropriate one for my needs. It was such a mess, so this is a big improvement.


And as I close in on one clean spot, another messy spot opens. I spent a fun weekend away and have a brand new pile of things just waiting to be unpacked. So it goes…


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