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Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric.

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

Remember the social tote? It’s a fun, travel-friendly project that Anna Graham of Noodlehead collaborated with me to create. Anna is so talented and did such a wonderful job with this project that I’m always happy to come back to it. Here’s a Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric that I made recently.

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

The lining is a great place to play with one of the larger prints in the collection, which I did here. I like playing with the prints and colors in a project like this that can really show them off.

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

The pincushion fits perfectly into one of the compartments, looking cute in there, or it can float away and be useful on its own too.

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

On the flip side of the pincushion, I even added a little bit of Euclid with some decorative stitching. I always like special touches like that. They don’t take much time, but they can really personalize a project.

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

Happy social tote sewing!

Pattern: Social Tote

Fabrics : Friedlander and a bit of Euclid (Exterior Fabric, Lining, Trim, Pincushion accent)

Social Tote in Friedlander Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

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You Inspire Me to Quilt…Dinosaurs.

This was a really fun project.

dino patch_1_carolyn friedlander

When Cheryl approached me about participating in her next book, I didn’t hesitate too much, because I was intrigued by the premise, which was to find someone to inspire you to make a quilt. My choice was easy–my 3-year-old (at the time, now 4 or “almost 5” when asked) nephew, Jacob.

Jake sews with me fairly often, and I knew it would be a creative challenge for me to be totally open to whatever his request would be. Coaching him into an answer wouldn’t have been interesting or a challenge, so there was no letting him in on the secret until we had our skype interview with Cheryl. At that point I asked Jacob what type of quilt he’d like me to make for him and without hesitation he said that he wanted a dinosaur quilt. Actually, I think he said Tyrannosaurus Rex, which seemed a little specific, but I was just glad he didn’t say something like the Green Lantern, which he’d ask me to draw a week prior to the interview. I had no clue who the Green Lantern was (still don’t really know now…), but my green stick figure wasn’t cutting it for him. Dinosaurs, we could handle.

So, we started off drawing and painting a couple of dinosaurs. It was a team effort.

drawing dinosaurs with Jacob_Carolyn Friedlander

Then I let him pick some fabric–orange and blue were speaking to him–which, whew! They speak to me too.

dino patch_fabrics_carolyn friedlander

It made me pretty happy that he was this eager for some Botanics

picking fabric with Jacob_Carolyn Friedlander

He helped me sew one of the blocks, but his attention span was wearing thin, so I took it from there.

But he (quite literally) jumped back in when it came time for the layout. (Or, quilt hopscotch?)

dino patch_block layout_carolyn friedlander

What I ended up doing was to take the couple of paintings and drawings that we created and use them as a starting point for some raw-edge appliqué. Originally, I had the idea that it would be a big dinosaur, single-motif kind of thing, but when we started drawing, I loved the idea of it becoming a collage of drawings–almost like a refrigerator gallery of blocks with plenty of personality, texture and color. (Not too different from my nephew or most kids…)

dino patch_4_carolyn friedlander

That entire process is outlined in Cheryl’s new book (found here), and this pattern would be very easy to adapt to any other motif. In fact, I would love to see other kids’ refrigerator drawings turned into some quilts.

Dino Patch quilt process_Carolyn Friedlander


You Inspire Me To Quilt_Cheryl Arkison

The downside to making a project for Jacob that would be in a book was that I knew it’d be tied up in the publishing process for at least a year before I could give it to him. I could only hope that he’d still be liking dinosaurs when I’d get it back.

I finally got the quilt back just before Quilt Market this year, and I decided to wait until after the show to give it to him. So last week I did. Jake was pretty excited about it, but mostly impressed that the quilt, he and I were in a book. (“How’d you do that?!” he asked.) The person who surprisingly showed more enthusiasm for the quilt by dancing on it before I could even fully unfold it, was Jake’s now 16-month-old brother, who was only an infant at the time of the first interview for the project. I guess I’ll be making one for him next…

dino patch_3_carolyn friedlander


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Collaboration with Patchwork Threads.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_2


I’ve been really excited about my collaboration with Patchwork Threads, which was just announced at QuiltCon. I’ve always admired their work, and I really enjoy seeing everyone sporting their shirts. So, after some discussion and many sketches, we arrived at two new designs.


First, savor it.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_3


There’s a bit of a reference to my book, but more than that, it’s intended to speak to what’s become a mantra for me (and I think many others) these days. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do, what matters is that we are thoughtful and enjoy doing it. It’s a good reminder, and one that we can apply to many things.


For that reason, I wanted the message to be a bit bold, but there’s also a little textural pizzazz…


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_5


I really like how the color came out. It’s a white graphic on a deep blue, organic v-neck. I’ve already imagined many outfits with this one…


The other shirt is a sketch taken from a new little houses design that debuted at QuiltCon. I only did a limited release of the pattern in Austin, but you can stay tuned for it to be released for real in my pattern line this spring.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_2


This shirt features a hip little house with plenty of grids and hand-drawn realness. The graphic is a warm and wonderful flame-orange color on a natural, organic crew-neck tee.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_4


Plus, it’s signed…making it super personal.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_3


Thank you so much, Patchwork Threads for a fun collaboration!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_1


Both shirts are already available (here and here), and I can’t wait to see how you guys wear them!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_3






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