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finding a social: update.

social tote in green architextures_carolyn friedlander

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


I thought I’d share my architextures version of the social tote.


If you haven’t already seen it, make sure to check out Anna’s recent post on developing the social. Again, she is so amazingly talented and was such a blast to work with.


Thanks so much for all the interest in the pattern! I’ve really enjoyed opening my inbox each time to your kind words. And I’m sorry that some of you are having trouble finding it, but thanks for your incredible patience! With it being a new pattern it sometimes takes a little bit of time to find its way into the shops. While shops are awaiting their stock, I’m happy to get the pattern to you. Just send me a note, and we’ll get you set up. ( info [at] carolynfriedlander [dot] com )


This might be a good time for me to ask–would you want the option to buy the pattern directly from my website? How do you feel about having a downloadable option?

Because I’m curious, and I value your thoughts.




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hatched black, gray, and ochre social.

I’ve been making quite a few of these. Some for me, some for friends, and some (/all) for fun. It’s time to start showing more of them off.


Although I’d love to keep this one to myself, she’s heading off to a friend.


social tote_gray and ochre_carolyn friedlander


social tote_gray and ochre_black pincushion_carolyn friedlander


social tote_gray and ochre_end cap_carolyn friedlander


social tote_black hatch_carolyn friedlander


social_pin cushion_carolyn friedlander



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the social tote.

It’ll hold your handwork.


social tote_carolyn friedlander and anna graham


And she was a collaborative effort between myself and the very talented Anna Graham of Noodlehead. If you don’t know Anna’s work already, you should definitely check it out. She’s great and was so much fun to work with. (I’ve made her stuff here and here–see Super Tote.)


social pin cushion_carolyn friedlander


social tote_insides_carolyn friedlander


social tote_plan_carolyn friedlander_slow sewing studio


social tote_handle_carolyn friedlander


social tote_with stuff_carolyn friedlander


But wait.

There’s more.


social pin cushion_carolyn friedlander


We’ve got a pin cushion in there too. And she fits perfectly.


Bias tape tips here.


social tote_carolyn friedlander_bias tape


And since I’ve been getting inquiries, fabric creds here and here. (Sorry but it looks like the 3rd print is no longer available.) Superbuzzy has been a real terror on my checking account.



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