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Everglade Quilt Shams

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

I seem to have a thing with pillow shams, which was certainly noticeable after finishing up these 3 Everglade Quilt shams that I eagerly made and used in my booth at Spring Quilt Market. (For anyone counting, I had 5 pillow shams in the booth including my 2 hesperides shams. Clearly, I’m in to making shams.)

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

There’s something about making pillow shams that I find to be especially satisfying. They’re a great way to make use of just 1 or a few quilt blocks (quilted or not quilted), they’re fairly fast/low commitment and they make excellent gifts. Plus, they just perk up a couch or chair.

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

This group started when I was prepping for some workshops in March. It’s always fun to pick out fabrics, and my selection process for class samples and demos is no different. Since Euclid had already been announced, I excitedly picked from my new stuff and decided that I’d be able to double up on function by using these as class demos and then booth props (and now my own home goods…).

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

While photographing these guys, I realized how much I liked pairing them with my couch. The lines of my Everglade quilt pattern design work in an interesting way with my Circle Lattice design (from Savor Each Stitch).

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

Pattern : Everglade

Fabrics : Euclid, Carkai, Robert Kaufman Railroad Denim, Kona Highlight and Carolina Gingham in Fog

Everglade Quilt Shams . Carolyn Friedlander

And for anyone who subscribes to my blog feed–my apologies for the recent problems! I just realized some issues with the plugin and have now made changes to improve the feed and delivery. I hope your experience is a lot cleaner! As always, keep me posted if something isn’t working properly. Many times the extra eyes help me find bugs so that the necessary improvements can be made.

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New Quilt Pattern: Everglade.

everglade quilts . carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

Like my Botanics quilt pattern, new pattern Everglade quilt pattern is a design set where I let myself get carried away with possibilities.

everglade quilt in carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

It started off with the larger (throw-sized) one, initially inspired by a perforated wall I’d seen on travels earlier this year.

everglades gatorland_carolyn friedlander

(Such a stunning place.)

But after making it, I couldn’t stop thinking of other ways to alter the design with scale, fabric choices and symmetry of each block.

large block everglade quilt . carolyn friedlander

As a result, the pattern consists of two sets of templates in two different sizes, plus multiple ways to use each–making it a series to play with and explore across many projects in many ways. The above is made with a large single block, much like the Circle Lattice project (also featured above) in Savor Each Stitch.

everglade quilts . carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

There are also a couple of minis…which were too much fun to make.

everglade mini quilts in carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

everglade mini quilts in carkai fabric . carolyn friedlander

I worked it out so that all of the options work with relatively easy fabric increments (fat quarters, single yards, 5″ squares, 10″ squares), because that just makes the mixing and matching more accessible. (All of the fabric in these projects are from my carkai collection.)

medium everglade detail . carolyn friedlander

And, you can also make some pincushions!

So fun. (I have been a little obsessed with pincushions…)

everglade pincushion . carolyn friedlander

I hope you enjoy my new Everglade Quilt Pattern!



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Doe Fabric Makes A Couch: Part Two.


After planning, piecing, and quilting the panels for the couch …


Cutting up the Doe couch quilt_Carolyn Friedlander


it was time to hack them up.


Cutting Doe couch quilt_Aerial Focal Totem_Carolyn Friedlander


To be honest, I was nervous about this step. But I measured and marked everything all out before making the first cut. At this point, my mom and I were both working on this, so I had her come by and double check that all of my measurements and markings were correct and in the right place.


When I actually cut it, it was more liberating than I expected and quite fun. I might need to hack up quilts more often.


Doe Circle Lattice cut up_Carolyn Friedlander


While I was doing that, my mom was busy making the cording…


Doe Couch cording_Carolyn Friedlander


Then we joined efforts to add the cording to the side and front panels.

It was fun to start finally seeing them come to life.


Making Doe Circle Lattice cushions_Carolyn Friedlander


And voila.


Doe couch_Circle Lattice side_Carolyn Friedlander


This is the more serious side…


Doe couch_Circle Lattice cushions_Carolyn Friedlander


And then here’s the party side. (I can’t stop thinking of this couch as being kind of like a mullet…)


Doe couch_Aerial Focal Totem side_Carolyn Friedlander


Doe Couch pieced side_Carolyn Friedlander



While making this project, I kept thinking about how the couch was kind of similar to a toy that I used to play with as a kid.


childhood picture blocks_carolyn friedlander


I wondered how well you’d be able to understand the design of each side of the cushions when they came together despite being cut and sewn up into separate cushions. The cushions can come together to create one picture, or they can be switched and flipped around into segmented pieces of the same puzzle. I like the three dimensionality of that.


Doe couch baby_Carolyn Friedlander

Photo by Elisabeth Woo


(Big thank you to Nathalie for the Doe baby model and to Elisabeth Woo for taking this photo!)


The whole continuity thing is something that I’ve been drawn to before–not in the three-dimensional way–but certainly when it comes to the fabric.

Alturas from my pattern line…


Alturas quilt continuity_Carolyn Friedlander



and Cowboy Circle Lattice from Savor Each Stitch.


Cowboy Circle Lattice_Carolyn Friedlander

Photography © Alexis Wharem, Greenprint Photography reprinted by permission by Lucky Spool Media, LLC.


In moving forward, I still have the two matching chairs to complete the set. With them, I’m thinking of somehow incorporating Post and going in a flame direction.

We’ll see…









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