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cf Hearts quilt pattern.

My new cf Hearts pattern is finally here!

cf hearts . carolyn friedlander

I love simple shapes, and the heart is lovely one to take on.

cf hearts . carolyn friedlander

While thinking about projects to make to show off my new (old) fabrics, I kept coming back to the idea of using this simple shape. There are many things I love about this fabric collection, but one of the biggest things is how it feels like I’m sewing with old friends. There’s a comfort and excitement with each piece, and I loved the idea of capturing the pieces with an endearing symbol.

cf hearts . carolyn friedlander

On the creative side, I liked how this project can showcase many colors and fabrics. You can play with color and texture in many ways. (I already have more hearts projects planned!)

On the technical side, the appliqué shapes are really fun to sew. You have gentle outside curves, a single point and an outside corner that make it anything but boring to work on. This shape is beginner-friendly, but the creative possibilities can make it exciting no matter who wants to make it.

cf hearts . carolyn friedlander

The downloadable PDF version is now available here, and the printed version will be hitting shops in a few weeks. (If your local shop is interested in purchasing copies, just let me know, and I’ll get them connected to those details.)

collection CF . carolyn friedlander

There are 3 project sizes included in the pattern, it’s charm-pack friendly (which is what this version is made from) and I have been dreaming up so many ways to work out this project. I think that 1 heart would make a great label on the back of a quilt, or I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to make a signature quilt made from Hearts…or I’ve even thought about putting some hearts onto a tote bag…OH, and bigger projects with more hearts? I’ve been thinking about that too.

cf hearts . carolyn friedlander

Pattern: Hearts by me

Fabric(s): Collection CF (coming in November 2019) for appliqué, border and binding, Kona Seafoam for the background

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Hunt QAL Month #2 Check In.

Hunt QAL Month #2 Check In.

I really won’t say this every month, but seriously, it’s already been a month?!

This month has been a fun and a productive month for my QAL project. Not only do I love July. I love that it is right in the middle of the summer, that it marks the end of the first half of the year, and that it can sometimes mean a bit of summer travel. This July has been all of those things, including a fun, travel adventure, I spent an entire week across the country in Sisters, Oregon for the Quilter’s Affair. It was wonderful, and I was able to get quite a bit of my Hunt project underway on those long flights.

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

At this point, I have 1 block totally finished, 1 block halfway finished, and 3 blocks fully basted. My goal for the next month is to prep and baste 2 more blocks and to fully finish 2 1/2 more blocks so that I have 4 blocks fully finished. Yeah!

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

I’m not totally sure about including the Harriot striped fabric–I’m still not sure on the color being exactly what I’m going for, but I’ll keep going with it. I’ve pretty much decided that I really like the blue Friedlander Lawn that’s in there. It’s been enjoyable seeing how that fabric appliqués up with these shapes. I’m also really really happy to be using the green and some other prints from my upcoming new Collection CF fabrics. (Blog post to come soon!) There’s one green in the collection that is perfect for what I’m going for, and there are also several good background options that I’m happy to be working in there.

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

In other Hunt news, my trip out to Sisters was very relevant. Not only did I teach a class using my Hunt pattern, but I also had a couple of my Hunt quilts hanging in the shows. Here are some pics from class and then from the show.

Hunt Quilt class . carolyn friedlander

These are different student blocks from our show and tell at the end of class. I always love how great the blocks from different people look together. I feel like it can give you ideas for things you wouldn’t otherwise think of. (Other blocks are from my Alturas and Park patterns.)

In the big quilt show on Saturday, my Hunt Harriot Quilt was hanging as part of the quilts from QuiltCon exhibit.

Hunt Harriot . carolyn friedlander

Hunt Tangerine hung in a special show with my quilts on Sunday.

Hunt Tangerine . carolyn friedlander

So many Hunt happenings this month!

If you’re following along for watching/listening recommendations, here you go. Some recent watchable recs are Minding The Gap, Instant Hotel (on Netflix) and the Weekly (from the NY Times). As for listening, I might have binge-listened the entire Man in the Window podcast while working on my Hunt on airplanes, etc this month. It sucked me right in!

I hope this month has treated you well! If you have some good recs or monthly highlights, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to reach out.

Happy Hunting.

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