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Hearts Jetty quilt

With Jetty coming out, I knew I wanted to make a Hearts quilt. Actually, I knew I wanted to make some Hearts pillow shams, but after cutting out one block and then a second, I found myself shuffling fabrics around for a third…and then a fourth. Without being able to stop, I knew that it had to be something larger, and so this Hearts Jetty quilt was born.

My first Hearts quilt is the wall hanging size. Each heart is made using a different fabric, and the background is all from the same fabric. That’s a great approach because you get little bits of many different things. This throw-sized version uses a different strategy. There are 16 different blocks, each with its own heart and background pairing. There’s a different kind of satisfaction that you get working with each fabric a little more and being able to see more of it in the quilt. It’s still really colorful and a little more scrappy.

After the decision to go big, I realized that it was meant to be, because it works perfectly with the Fat Quarter bundle of Jetty. The quantities are just right.

jetty fabric . carolyn friedlander

One of the designs in the collection is a two-fer; half is one color and the other half is another. I love pieces like this so much, because it gives you more things to play with. In the Fat Quarter bundle, you get 1/2 yard of each of these prints, which means you get both colors to work with.

After deciding to go larger, it was a matter of pairing up the fabrics. Generally, my darker fabrics are the hearts and the lighter fabrics are the background, with some pairings that really stand out and others that are more subtle. I like how the different prints give the hearts more/less texture and define/blend the shapes against their background. There are so many ways to play, which is exactly how I like it.

Making this project again, you could totally pair the fabrics in more ways than I did for many different effects. Here’s a shot of my two Hearts quilts side by side from my Quilt Market booth in October. Pretty different, right?

Carolyn Friedlander Fall Quilt Market Houston 2019 booth

Project/Pattern Notes:

If you’re new to appliqué, this is a great place to start. There are gentle curves, an inside point and just enough repetition to get some good practice in. Plus, you can pick your size. If 16 blocks feels overwhelming, start with 1 and go from there.

pattern: Hearts quilt pattern, Throw size

fabric: Jetty (uses the fat quarter bundle)

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Sewing Lotts

Lately I have been sewing Lotts lots. (I totally named the pattern so I could do that–ha!)

This has mostly been because I am teaching a Lott workshop at QuiltCon in a couple of weeks. I’m definitely using the workshop as an excuse to sample up a new layout that I’ve always wanted to do.

Plus, I love the excuse workshops give to try out new fabric and color combinations. Often, I am eager to mix my newest fabrics with my other collections.

I mostly worked on these last weekend and here and there some this week. Each batch has given me new ideas for the next.

When to stop? I’m not sure. I keep thinking about turning this into something larger…

Pattern: These are all made from my Lott quilt patterns.

Fabric(s): Jetty, Collection CF, Instead, Harriot

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Bartow Quilt in Collection CF fabrics.

I love a project that shows little bits of many different things, and that’s what my Bartow Quilt in Collection CF fabrics is all about.

collection CF Bartow quilt . carolyn friedlander

This design goes back to 2014 and the 30th anniversary of Kona Cotton. I was asked to design a free project, and Bartow is what I came up with. (You can read about it in my previous blog post here.)

Bartow Kona Quilt_Carolyn Friedlander

There’s even another version that I started at the same time as the first one, but I didn’t complete until last year. Ha!

Bartow Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

(You can read all about that version here.)

Back to my new Collection CF version.

collection CF Bartow quilt . carolyn friedlander

What I love about this project is how the design creates a gallery of color, fabric or whatever you want it to be in all of the little pieced snippets. With so many colors and prints in this new (old) collection, I wanted a quilt that would capture little bits of all of it. This made Bartow an easy choice!

Fabric selection and planning is made easy because Bartow works from a charm pack (5″ squares). To recreate mine, all you need is a CF charm pack, your background fabric and a binding fabric that will fill in for a bit of the pieced top as well.

collection CF charm pack

The background for this one is Kona Natural.

collection CF Bartow quilt . carolyn friedlander

I chose this binding, because I liked the color and how it would frame the quilt. Plus I liked it being used in some of the piecing in the top as well.

My mom Kathy Friedlander pieced the top, and Gina Pina quilted it with an allover grid (just like in one of the previous ones.)

collection CF Bartow quilt . carolyn friedlander

This is one of those quilts that is fun to lay with, because you notice different fabrics each way it’s turned.

You can find the fabric info and pattern on the Robert Kaufman site here, and I’ve also created a special pattern page on my site as well here.

pattern: Bartow (free!) found here

fabric: Collection CF, Kona Natural

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