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Trays and Pincushions in Jetty and Collection CF.

I can’t stop thinking about all of the sewn gifts I want to make this holiday season. Are you thinking about that too? If you are looking for ideas for quick favorites, here are some trays and pincushions in Jetty and Collection CF.

I always use Quilt Market as an excuse to make small, sewn things for the booth. Baskets, trays, and pincushions are always easy to set on the table to hold stuff. This time I made 3 trays using Noodlehead’s Tiny Treasures Tray tutorial, some pincushions and a couple of mini thread catchers.

The Treasures Tray is such a great project that comes together quickly, shows off some fabric and is super useful once they are done. I always find about a million uses for these around the house and in the sewing room.

treasure tray and crew pincushions

Anna finishes her trays with leather handles, which is definitely a good-looking finish. I was surprised by how easy the leather handles and rivets were last time I made these, but sadly I didn’t have any leather scraps on hand this time. Rummaging around for an alternative, I decided to give webbing a shot. I like the look of the webbing, but I quickly discovered that it can be a little trickier than the leather. Mainly, webbing can be thicker, and so getting the rivets in place was a test in patience and persistence. I’m guessing that they make thicker rivets to solve that, but I made these work.

PSA: if you use webbing, it’s a good idea to hit the ends with Fray Check to prevent fraying.

treasure tray

Inside the basket are a couple of pincushions from my Crew pattern. They are G and H if you’re wondering.

crew pincushions G and H in Jetty fabric

On the black one I made sure to include some of the selvage so you’d get that fun white stripe on the side. The yellow one also makes use of the selvage design on the fabric.

It is a good thing that all of these projects are speedy, because it’s hard to make just one. I can’t remember exactly, but basically all of these came together in the same day.

treasure trays in jetty fabric

Leading up to Quilt Market I couldn’t stop picking out pairs of fabric for possible Rye projects, which made the fabric pull for these super easy. They may not have made it into a Rye, but I found a use for them here.

sewing trays and mini thread catchers
sewing trays with sewing stuff
sewing tray with sewing stuff

The little thread catchers are the mini version from my free tutorial here. I LOVE traveling with this tiny size, and they come together in a flash. At the show they held my business cards nicely as well as the thread clippings from my demos.

sewing tray and mini thread catchers
sewing tray and mini thread catchers

Tray Pattern: Noodlehead’s Tiny Treasures Basket & Tray

Pincushions: Crew Pincushion pattern by me

Thread Catchers: Mini Thread Catcher tutorial by me

Fabric: Jetty and Collection CF

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Friedlander Crew.

This fleet of Friedlander Crew pincushions was basically an excuse to play with my newest fabric / finish something kind of quickly, which is always satisfying.

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

I like making pincushions for many reasons. First, they and other small projects are perfect for playing around with fabric combinations. I get so many ideas after whipping out a few of them, which is especially helpful with I’ve got new fabric to mess around with.

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

Plus, pincushion making is quite productive. After making one or a bunch, they make great gifts. I also use them as pattern weights. Having a variety of shapes and sizes can be helpful when cutting out things that aren’t always the same size. For example, I like using the narrow guys for tighter spots like skinny shoulder pieces, and the bigger ones work well for the meatier bits like bodice pieces when I’m cutting out clothes.

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

In addition to fabric combos, these guys are great for testing out decorative stitches and other embellishments. I feel like a little bit of embroidery floss kicks everything up a few notches.

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

So many pincushions!

Fabrics : Friedlander, Euclid

Pattern : Crew Pincushion set

Friedlander Crew Pincushions . Carolyn Friedlander

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Crew Pincushion pattern.

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

I’ll admit it, I’m a pin hoarder. As a result, it makes perfect sense that I’ve also developed an affinity and appreciation for pincushions. Just like how you’d want different pins for different projects, the perfect pincushion is also a variable need depending on the function, the pin itself, the location (traveling requires a special set of needs!) and the cuteness. (duh.) My Crew pincushion pattern is a collection of 11 different pincushion options in all shapes and sizes–quilted, not quilted–pieced, not pieced–many of which originated with favorite sizes of my own.

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

Making pincushions is such a satisfying sew. They are massively functional, super cute, speedy, totally giftable, and perfect for showing off your favorite fabrics. This is why when planning this pattern, I wanted to include tons of sizes, tons of info on the various components and fillings and different ideas for added detailing like embroidery and cross stitch (as seen in the super big guy below).

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

I’ve also recently become obsessed with wearing my scissors on a cord around my neck, and thought it would also be an appropriate bonus to be able to stick needles and pins in the same spot. Is anyone else tired of forgetting they stuck pins and needles in their shirt, couch or whatever is closest? Yeah…

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

I think that these guys are fun and handy, and I hope you think so too. I’ve made tons, and I’ve given away tons…which makes me happy. I also plan to make many more. First up will be a set to use as pattern weights at my cutting table for when I’m cutting out garments. (Yes, they’ll work for that too!)

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander

pattern : Crew Pincushion pattern (new to my pattern collection!)

fabric(s) : Lots of stuff from my Euclid and Carkai collections, plus a little Robert Kaufman Railroad Denim in one of the wearable versions above.

Crew Pincushion Pattern . Carolyn Friedlander


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