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Scout tee in Doewide.

This is another garment that’s been on my to-sew list for a while.

scout tee_doe wide_3_carolyn friedlander

It’s the Scout tee by Grainline Studio–a popular top that I’ve seen many people wear and many different versions of. It’s a great beginner project for anyone looking to take on a little bit of garment sewing.

In this one, I used some Doewide plus a little Carolina Gingham for contrast binding at the neck–both in grey/white, both super linear, both right up my alley.

scout tee_doe wide_2_carolyn friedlander

As with all Grainline patterns, this one is awesome and super professionally drafted and written. Jen (of Grainline) knows what she’s doing, and she also knows what I like to wear.

Adjustments to the pattern aren’t really necessary, but I made a few. First, I lengthened the sleeves as well as the bodice–both personal preferences. I then sculpted the sides and brought them in for a closer fit, although I still kept it somewhat loose for easy movement. I then also added a (small) vent to the hem at the sides. I seem to be into side vents at the moment…

scout tee_doe wide_1_carolyn friedlander

After the final press, I was very satisfied with the results, but the true love didn’t come until I actually started to wear it–it’s so comfortable(!), and I really like the look. It has a casual effortlessness to it that I know will play out well with many different fabrics.

scout tee_doe wide_8_carolyn friedlander

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Nesting Boxes: green, blue, botanics and doe.

I also made this set of nesting boxes.

blue and green nesting boxes_carolyn friedlander


blue and green nesting boxes_2_carolyn friedlander


blue and green nesting boxes_3_carolyn friedlander


blue and green nesting boxes_4_carolyn friedlander


But I’m keeping them for myself.

Right now, I’ve got them loaded up and sitting next to my sewing machine with all of the very important things that I need to keep close by–seam ripper, screw driver, sewing feet, needles, stiletto, seam gauge, etc etc.


Pattern: Nesting Boxes by Aneela Hoey

Fabric: Doe, Doe Wide, and Botanics in blues and greens.





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