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Grove Mini Quilts

How do you feel about mini quilts? I love them. There’s something extra special and satisfying about making a mini, which is why I decided to add in a (literal) little bonus when giving my Grove pattern a refresh. With a new mini tree block included in the pattern, now you can make Grove Mini Quilts. Personally, I’ve already made two.

Mini Grove quilts . carolyn friedlander

There are many good things about a smaller format. Creatively, it’s a great way to try out a new color combination, print pairing or layout. There’s less pressure in terms of the time and material commitment. I find they always perk up a space without requiring a lot of space, and they make a thoughtful gift. If you aren’t into turning it into a quilt, you could always sew the smaller blocks into a bag, pillow, pincushion or other accessory too.

The new mini block conveniently required a new sample, which started off with a colorful dive into my scrap pile. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been finding comfort in color lately.

As I made the blocks, I threw them up on my wall, and I moved them around as I went. I find that I constantly simmer on layout while making blocks, and I really like that about the process. It’s very interactive.

Of course I ended up making more blocks than I needed, and so I divided them into two different quilts. They could have been sewn into one, but I liked the balance of having these two.

Mini Grove quilt . carolyn friedlander

Grove Mini Quilt #1

The blocks are made from a pretty wide mix of colors from spice to tangerine to mint and yellow, but I think the sashing really helps cement the color statement. It was a big decision, but I loved this gingham and the color tone the best.

After deciding on the sashing, I was a little indecisive about going bold or blendy with the binding, so I did a little bit of both! The black piece is leftover binding from my TP quilt, and I love how it adds an accent. This is definitely a case of being enticed by something lying around that I hadn’t put away yet. (Don’t need to worry about putting it away now!)

Mini Grove quilt . carolyn friedlander

I quilted all over with matchstick lines in the vertical direction. With there being all of the different colors and fabrics, I wanted the quilting to unify and add a dense texture.

Mini Grove quilt . carolyn friedlander

Grove Mini Quilt #2

The blue one is pretty cute–if I do say so. There’s no sashing, it’s just 4 blocks sewn together with a border, pretty simple.

Mini Grove quilt in blue . carolyn friedlander

I tried to do something a little different with the quilting on this one, but still similar in the sense that it is an even, overall, dense-ish texture. This time it’s a rectangular grid, and I used an electric blue thread. That detail is subtle but fun.

Mini Grove quilt in blue . carolyn friedlander
Mini Grove quilt in blue . carolyn friedlander

You’ll find the new mini block included in the new grove pattern, as well as the specifics on the layout (sashing, border, etc) for the first version shown above.

Take this in whatever direction you’re feeling!

Pattern: Grove Quilt

Fabric: Mostly mine, plus a Robert Kaufman Crawford Gingham

Mini Grove quilts . carolyn friedlander

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Grove Quilt in Collection CF

My Grove Quilt Pattern was one of my very first patterns that I launched back in 2011. It’s a design I still stand by, and I’m so happy to have a new version to show you. Here is my new Grove Quilt in Collection CF.

Grove Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

The Design

Having spent most of my life surrounded by orange groves, I find there to be something really beautiful about their long rows and reaching branches. This design celebrates that with angular shapes that can be softened or highlighted with the color and fabrics you choose. Over the years, it’s been fun to see how these shapes play out in solids, prints and all kinds of colors.

the grove quilt 2020 . carolyn friedlander

With new fabrics coming out in Collection CF, I knew this would be a perfect project to show them off. Some of the prints are more bold, and some are softer and read more like a solid. This print mix plays with the shapes in an interesting way.

collection CF fabric . carolyn friedlander

Fabric Selection

First I explored going with more of a uniform color palette, mixing the new pieces with some of the previous pieces in the collection. This one is heavy on the cool shades, and although I didn’t ultimately go with it, I think it would be very lovely!

fabric planning . carolyn friedlander

The way I’m auditioning the fabrics in the pic, the top two pieces would each be a tree, and the fabrics underneath would be the background for those trees. There are 12 blocks in the project. Of course you could mix it up and have different background fabrics too.

Ultimately I decided that I liked how the newest pieces worked together on their own, and this project would be a good way to show that off. The 15 new colors offer a good mix of lights and darks.

collection CF fabric 2020 . carolyn friedlander

I used 6 of the 15 pieces for backgrounds, which means each is used in 2 blocks. Then I used the rest of the fabrics to make the trees, with 3 of them being used for 2 blocks and the rest for 1 each.

the grove quilt 2020 . carolyn friedlander

As for the sashing, I waited until I had all of my blocks made before deciding on that. Do you like picking this stuff out at the beginning, or do you tend to wait? I think I’m more often a wait-er. Sometimes I’ll have something in mind, but I pretty much always wait to auditione the different options with the actual blocks.

With the sashing I chose, I like how it adds some serious visual texture while still allowing the trees to pop. You could imagine how a darker choice would frame the blocks–just depends on the look you are going for!

the grove quilt 2020 . carolyn friedlander

Going with a dark border gives the quilt a nice frame. I really debated going with a something light and subtle, which I think could have worked nicely too. That would have been a totally different outcome.


The quilting is straight-ish lines via free motion quilting. I outlined all of the trees first, and then I quilted in some repeated lines in the background. From the back you can really see it on the dark backing fabric. I like how this gives you an echo of the design on the back.

the grove quilt 2020 . carolyn friedlander
the grove quilt 2020 . carolyn friedlander

The Pattern

The pattern has been fully updated, and now it also includes a bonus mini tree block. I have a couple of new quilts using the mini block, and I’ll be sharing them here soon.

In terms of skill, it’s intermediate foundation paper piecing with plenty of guidance. On this pattern I have a full cheat sheet for you on the sizes of fabric to cut for each section of the block. If you’re new and want the guidance, it’s there for you. Or if you’re a confident paper piecer–do as you wish!

Pattern: Grove Quilt Pattern

Fabric: Collection CF, new 2020 colors

collection CF fabric quilts . carolyn friedlander

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New Collection CF colors!

Collection CF has been a dream project in many ways. Getting a chance to revisit favorite prints from over the years and reimagine them in new ways and with new colors has been something special for sure. It’s also been a delight to see all that you’ve been making with them. That said, I have some good news to share, starting in July there will be 15 new Collection CF colors!

new collection CF colors


To decide on which colors to add, I do what I always do, which is to lay everything out and look for new opportunities not yet explored.

collection CF color planning

What ended up is an exciting and useful mix of fabrics from navy, blue and some other rich, deep shades, to some enticing new low-volume pieces to some terracotta and a very vibrant orange. (There’s nothing better than a good orange in my opinion!)

new collection CF colors 2020 . carolyn friedlander
collection CF fabric 2020, carolyn friedlander


With these new pieces came an opportunity to reconceive all of it into two new palettes–colorful and neutral. These are the distinctions with the new precut options (FQs, 10″/5″ squares, 2 1/2″ strips, etc), and you’re also welcome to use it as inspiration to plan out new projects on your own.

collection CF color planning . carolyn friedlander

I looked at dividing the group in many different ways, but this was my favorite. It captures the most diverse way to see the group, and each palette offers a full value assortment from light to dark.

collection CF fabric FQ bundles in colorful and neutral palettes
neutral collection CF FQ fabric bundle


With new fabric comes new projects that I can finally share with you. I’ll have more specifics in the coming weeks, but for now, here’s a look.

collection CF projects . carolyn friedlander

I’ve been working on a new appliqué project, called Clay, there’s a really fun sewing-themed project, Spools, and I’ve taken this release as a chance to revisit one of my first patterns, Grove. These three projects represent as diverse a way of mixing the fabrics as they do for different ways of working. We have relaxing, slow sewing in Clay (de-stressing at its finest!), graphic and precise foundation-paper piecing with Grove (satisfying in a very different way), and a colorful, conventionally pieced (and addictive!) project in Spools.

collection CF fabric sewing . carolyn friedlander

With everything that is crazy, unfamiliar and scary going on in the world right now, I have to say that these projects have all brought a lot of joy to me while working on them. I hope they can do the same for you too.

collection CF projects, carolyn friedlander

PS. The digital version of my Spools pattern is now live, and the print version will be shipping within the next few weeks. If you’d like to get a head start on some colorful sewing before I do an official post about it next week, you can head over here to grab yourself a copy.

collection CF 2020 fabrics in yellows, creams and white

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