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Hunt Quilt Along: Let’s Get Started.

Hunt Quilt Along: Let’s Get Started.

Hunt Quilt Along . Carolyn Friedlander

Are you ready for another Quilt Along? I am.

The format of this Quilt Along will be a little different from some of the Quilt Alongs I’ve hosted before. I’m always a fan of finding the right solution for the task at hand, and with Hunt, I thought I’d shape things a little bit differently. Instead of a weekly adventure for a set number of weeks, I’m breaking this Quilt Along down in to 2 parts. First will be a 4-week series that’ll highlight the project in a few different ways. After that, we’ll adventure on to the second part which will be a series of monthly check-ins over the next year.

I know, speaking of the next year sounds a little crazy, but I’m thinking this timeframe can be really good. I’m sure you have many other things on your plate, and rather than feel like we’re adding one big thing to it, I want this to feel like something fun and low-pressure that will carry you through and make you feel good. Taking things one month at a time feels like a good pace to me, whether you’re striving for a big project at the end or something much smaller. This schedule will help support that adjustability, while also giving us something to stay inspired with and excited about. In this first 4 weeks I’ll talk about different ways to break up your project and how to set monthly goals. I even have a special planner to help you get there…because I’m a nerd and like that kind of stuff.

Sound good?

Let me know what you think!

Next week, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the project. In the meantime you can read up about some of my Hunt projects here, here and here, as well as grab a copy of the pattern (here or at your favorite quilt shop) and the templates (if you’d like).

Thanks for reading along, and I’m excited to have you join in!

Hunt Tangerine Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

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