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Post Quilt in Essex Linen.

I’ve been going through some Essex linen lately. The texture is really nice, Robert Kaufman just added a bunch of new colors, and I’ve been loving the versatility of it. It works for clothes and quilts. Plus, it is fun to appliqué and quilts up beautifully.

Win win win.

essex linen colors for Post quilt_Carolyn Friedlander

For Market, they asked if I wanted to submit an essex quilt, and I knew that I’d pick an appliqué project. I love pairing linen and appliqué, because there’s something nice about how the linen turns under for you. It’s meatier body results in smooth curves, and the added texture gives it so much more interest.

I decided to make another Post quilt, a quilt full of curves and colorful possibilities.

Essex Post quilt_Carolyn Friedlander


I prewashed and dried all my fabrics prior to sewing them. The essex doesn’t really shrink, but I think it’s a good plan to prewash when you can, especially when working with other substrates. Also, I added more rows to this version and slightly less to the border than I did in my original quilt. During the planning phase, I was indecisive about which colors to use, and so I figured adding another row would allow me to incorporate more fabrics. Win.

And the digital pattern is now up in the shop. (Yay!)

Essex Post quilt detail_Carolyn Friedlander

Along with Austin.

Slowly but surely…

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Post and Totem.

Here they are…my two new patterns!

Meet Post, new to my Slow Sewing Studio.


post quilt_carolyn friedlander


Post was inspired by the design on the doors at my local post office. I’ve always thought the motif was pretty sweet, and it’s finally made its way into one of my designs. I played around with the blocks quite a bit before arriving at this bottom-heavy layout. I liked the resting space up top and the way the design stacked on the bottom. Plus, on this lap-size version, I thought it’d be quite fancy to have the motif dangling around your legs…


post quilt_close up_carolyn friedlander


As for fabric in this version, I used the flame stem print from Botanics and gray crosshatch from Architextures. The binding is one of my go-tos–the gray ledger print from Architextures.


post quilt_detail_carolyn friedlander


(In fact, Post is my current phone cover…thanks to Robert Kaufman! They printed this lil guy for me.)


post quilt phone cover_carolyn friedlander


Totem is my other new release.


totem quilt_carolyn friedlander


I had this textured, vertical racing stripe in mind when I was developing Totem. I liked the idea of creating a sampler down the middle and then having large panels at either side. Originally, I was thinking I’d take the cover project to a larger size, maybe a throw or full, but as I was working it out, I really liked the idea of making it a wall-sized project. Although the pattern is multi-sized, I thought this would be great for classes and perfect for trying out many variations. The design has the potential of being super graphic, and I can’t wait to play more with different colors and prints to see how many different ways I can take it.


quilted totem_1_carolyn friedlander



The large panels are really fun to quilt. I used wool batting for maximum loft. I also incorporated some big stitch with fun threads for even more texture and color.


quilting Totem quilt_carolyn friedlander


The fabrics in this version were also in the flame/red/tangerine theme. I used lots of konas (flame/carrot/tangerine), as well as some of my favorite creams and grays–konas, essex, architextures and botanics.


quilted Totem quilt_carolyn friedlander


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