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Safety, Sanity and Sewing.

Safety, sanity and sewing have been front of mind lately. I hope that you and your family are staying safe and taking care wherever you may be. I am grateful for this outlet to connect with you, and I hope to use it to continue to share things that I am making, what I am inspired by and ways we can create together while socially distancing ourselves.

One thing that I’m really excited about is a TP Quilt Along that Elisabeth Hardy and I are hosting. Elisabeth discovered a Toilet Paper pattern (of all things!) when cleaning out her sewing room recently. As soon as she posted the pic, I knew I wanted to sew along with her. Sometimes my favorite projects are the ones that encourage me to think outside of the box, or roll in this case.


Elisabeth and I have had some serious giggles while planning this QAL, and I am honestly SO excited. The distraction and community sewing effort have been making me grin, which is much appreciated. Feel free to join in with us. The pattern can be found here, and the QAL will run 3/23 – 5/1. We have some very special prizes that we can’t wait to unROLL for you soon.

Otherwise, I’ll continue to share the projects and sources of inspiration that I am thinking about and working on, as well as highlight some of the independent shops, retailers and makers who are challenged by the crisis. They are vital to this community, and I want to make sure that they stay around. (You can always find a list of my retailers here.)

To end, if you’re looking for some other Quilt Along inspiration, here are my previous Quilt Alongs that you are welcome to follow along at your own pace.



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Hunt QAL #5 Check In.

We’re 5 months in! Crazy.

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

It’s been a good month, and I’ve been eager to lay everything out. Several of these blocks have been in hiding, because they use my new fabrics. Yay! 

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

I originally started out with a narrower selection of greens, but now I’m including much more of a range, and I’m really liking it. Some are darker, some are lighter, some are more green or more olive–it’s such a mix!

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

The mix of neutral backgrounds is also making me happy.

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

Highlights this month have been embracing such a mix and getting it all laid out for the first time. I’d been working with everything in a stack, and so spreading it out to take these photos has been quite satisfying. I’m also really glad that I worked a little ahead for the month. Today is the first day of set up at Quilt Market, and I’ve been heavily prepping for the show!

In terms of entertaining things, I really got into the podcast Last Seen about the art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. It’s really captivating and very detailed, and it’s kind of making me want to read more about this heist and others in general. 

Goals for next month? I’m happy to have quite a bit prepped, so I can probably mindlessly plug away or if I get inspired I may decide to prep the final blocks. We will see.

How’s your month been? 

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Hunt QAL #4 Check In.

Month #4!

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

I’ve made some progress this month, which feels good. How are you plugging away?

I don’t usually take the time to write down highlights, goals and achievements, but since making up the calendar, it’s been super easy and kind of fun to do so.  (Makes me think I should be more diligent about this in other areas of my life…)

It’s also making it helpful to figure out where I’m at with the update. To date, I have the following:

-4 backgrounds cut

-6 blocks fully appliquéd

-1 block partially appliquéd

-2 blocks fully basted

-4 blocked pinned and ready to baste

This means I have an extra background to play with, and it means I have a lot of blocks at play–yay! A big help this month was that I gave myself a larger chunk of time spread out over a couple of days to lay everything out and to figure out what comes next. Because I could see what I had, it made it really easy to play with my options. Pulling fabric, cutting out shapes and making pairs with the backgrounds is definitely a step that works best when you can allow a bit of momentum to happen. I don’t know what I originally hoped to put together, but I ended up cutting out 6 more blocks, which was far better than I’d hoped! The great thing is that now I’ll be able to work from this pile easily and whenever I have some time no matter how much or little of it there is. Since I’ll be prepping for Quilt Market and traveling next month, I’m already glad to free up some mental space.

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

Are you making any discoveries while working on your project? Is the appliqué feeling more comfortable?

Hunt QAL . carolyn friedlander

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