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Trays and Pincushions in Jetty and Collection CF.

I can’t stop thinking about all of the sewn gifts I want to make this holiday season. Are you thinking about that too? If you are looking for ideas for quick favorites, here are some trays and pincushions in Jetty and Collection CF.

I always use Quilt Market as an excuse to make small, sewn things for the booth. Baskets, trays, and pincushions are always easy to set on the table to hold stuff. This time I made 3 trays using Noodlehead’s Tiny Treasures Tray tutorial, some pincushions and a couple of mini thread catchers.

The Treasures Tray is such a great project that comes together quickly, shows off some fabric and is super useful once they are done. I always find about a million uses for these around the house and in the sewing room.

treasure tray and crew pincushions

Anna finishes her trays with leather handles, which is definitely a good-looking finish. I was surprised by how easy the leather handles and rivets were last time I made these, but sadly I didn’t have any leather scraps on hand this time. Rummaging around for an alternative, I decided to give webbing a shot. I like the look of the webbing, but I quickly discovered that it can be a little trickier than the leather. Mainly, webbing can be thicker, and so getting the rivets in place was a test in patience and persistence. I’m guessing that they make thicker rivets to solve that, but I made these work.

PSA: if you use webbing, it’s a good idea to hit the ends with Fray Check to prevent fraying.

treasure tray

Inside the basket are a couple of pincushions from my Crew pattern. They are G and H if you’re wondering.

crew pincushions G and H in Jetty fabric

On the black one I made sure to include some of the selvage so you’d get that fun white stripe on the side. The yellow one also makes use of the selvage design on the fabric.

It is a good thing that all of these projects are speedy, because it’s hard to make just one. I can’t remember exactly, but basically all of these came together in the same day.

treasure trays in jetty fabric

Leading up to Quilt Market I couldn’t stop picking out pairs of fabric for possible Rye projects, which made the fabric pull for these super easy. They may not have made it into a Rye, but I found a use for them here.

sewing trays and mini thread catchers
sewing trays with sewing stuff
sewing tray with sewing stuff

The little thread catchers are the mini version from my free tutorial here. I LOVE traveling with this tiny size, and they come together in a flash. At the show they held my business cards nicely as well as the thread clippings from my demos.

sewing tray and mini thread catchers
sewing tray and mini thread catchers

Tray Pattern: Noodlehead’s Tiny Treasures Basket & Tray

Pincushions: Crew Pincushion pattern by me

Thread Catchers: Mini Thread Catcher tutorial by me

Fabric: Jetty and Collection CF

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Day Camp Quilt by Julia Williams

There are more Collection CF projects that are very special. For the release, I reached out to a couple of friends. Because the fabric collection felt like I was sewing with old friends, I thought it would be fitting to ask some friends to share their work as well. I always love seeing people using my fabric in their own way, and I knew this would be a great opportunity for it. First up is the Day Camp Quilt by Julia Williams.

This is such a fun quilt! It’s a new take on the classic Tumbling Block. Julia says that it is super easy to put together, and she has me very interested to give it a try.

My favorite thing about this design is all that you can do with the fabrics! It takes on a 3 dimensional effect when you play with the values and colors and how they go together. I love opportunities like this.

I LOVE how Julia finished the quilt. The quilting and yarn ties make it even more enticing. The texture and color it adds is something special.

Pattern: Day Camp by Julia Williams (@alchemytea)

Fabric: Collection CF

(Psst, Julia also made some Dumpling Pincushions as well. This is another one of her patterns–find it here. I’ve made some before and now want to make more again!)

Pattern: Dumpling Pincushion by Julia Williams

Fabric: Collection CF

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Mercer Tunic in Harriot.

Now that the weather is warming back up, I am very excited to make use of my new Mercer Tunic in Harriot. It is sooooo comfortable.

Mercer Tunic in Harriot . Carolyn Friedlander

The Mercer Tunic by Whitney Deal and I go back several years and many versions. It’s such a great top that I wear often!

Mercer Tunic in Harriot . Carolyn Friedlander

This yellow yarn-dyed woven was crying out to me to be a Mercer from the very beginning. This fabric is really soft and has a nice drape. (PS, if you aren’t a newsletter subscriber, here’s a link to last week’s mailing that includes a bit more about the different fabric weights in Harriot.)

Mercer Tunic in Harriot . Carolyn Friedlander

I make this pattern mostly as-is, but I’ve shortened the length just a bit. In previous versions, I’ve explored different lengths but this one seems to be my favorite.

Mercer Tunic in Harriot . Carolyn Friedlander

I always like picking a different fabric to use on the yoke lining as well as any bias tape facing for the neck and armholes. (Here’s how I generally do it.)  Using this method for the hem is also great, not only for the visual contrast, but also in any case where you’re ever tight on length. I wasn’t tight in the case of this top, but at other times when I might be pushing the boundaries of what I have, this hemming method is my go-to. Instead of multiple turns under, you only need the width of your seam allowance to attach the binding, before it all gets turned under.

Mercer Tunic in Harriot . Carolyn Friedlander

There we go, a new top!

Pattern: Mercer Tunic by Whitney Deal (and Moji Pants by Seamwork)

Fabric: Harriot (and Euclid for the pants)

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