Tangelo Quilt in Harriot.

This Tangelo Quilt in Harriot was a fun one to see come together.

Tangelo Quilt in Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

I’ve always wanted to make another Tangelo, and I really really wanted to make one with Harriot. Tangelo is one of those quilts that can take many different fabrics, colors, whatever and give them a unified purpose. Here the fabrics bring to life each row of triangles in new ways.

The other reason why it was a good fit is because of the fabric and the technique. Tangelo is triangles made easier, meaning they’re paper pieced and therefore do not require any special rulers or perfect starting point. Instead, you can start with your pile of fabrics–which in this case is a mix of screen-printed pieces and yarn-dyed wovens–and start sewing. The paper piecing makes working with this variety of fabrics easier, because the paper helps stabilize them while you’re making the quilt. Win win.

Tangelo Quilt in Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

I was eager to work in one of the scallop prints from the collection. Here you can see how it creates a few different triangles within the same row. Some are dark blue, some are light blue and some even have a hint of a scallop.

Tangelo Quilt in Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

See the little scallop peeking out in this one?

I’m so glad this new Tangelo came together for the Harriot release. My mom, Kathy Friedlander and friend, Ellen Rushman, helped me make rows, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

pattern: Tangelo

fabric(s): Harriot

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Tangelo Quilt in Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander

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