Two Poolside Totes.

I made two Poolside Totes awhile ago and never got around to posting anything about them (…which happens). Since the pattern has been on my mind lately, I thought it’d be a fun one to share. The pattern (Poolside Tote by Noodlehead) is a good one. I love the size, shape, detailing and function.

Scrappy Poolside Tote_Carolyn Friedlander

The first one that I made was quite scrappy. I used lots of different fabrics–Doe, Doewide, Botanics, Architectures, Stamped (Ellen Luckett Baker), and Rainwalk canvas (Anna Graham). I employed sort of a quilt-as-you-go approach to sew the pieces together for the main panels, with Soft and Stable as the foundation. (By the way, in this project I learned that piecing together scraps of Soft and Stable totally works. I just used binding seam tape to fuse the scraps together before quilting the fabric on top.)

Scrappy Poolside Tote_Carolyn Friedlander

Scrappy Poolside Tote_Carolyn Friedlander

Scrappy Poolside Tote_Carolyn Friedlander

Like all of Anna/Noodlehead’s projects, this one has really smart detailing. The tab with hook is the perfect spot for clipping keys, wallet, small clutch…whatever.

Scrappy Poolside Tote_Carolyn Friedlander

In the next version, I used the same pattern but with different fabrics.

Linen and Lawn Poolside tote_Carolyn Friedlander

The outside is made using a Parson Gray linen that I originally bought to make a pair of shorts with. I just loved how it worked with the London Calling and Railroad denim that are on the handles and exterior pocket.

Linen and Lawn Poolside tote_Carolyn Friedlander

Linen and Lawn Poolside tote_Carolyn Friedlander

On the inside, I used some of my own Doe Wide fabric trimmed in some Architextures. (Doe Wide seems to be a favorite for me when it comes to lining…)

Linen and Lawn Poolside tote_Carolyn Friedlander

Both of these were made and given away as gifts, and I’ve seen both of them being used often by the recipients. Each one that I finished made me want one of my own even more, and especially after seeing others like this pop up on Instagram. (Does anyone else agree that Instagram is a massive enabler when it comes to project envy!?) With QuiltCon coming up next week, I have aspirations of finally getting around to making myself one. I think it will be perfect for hauling my class supplies and samples to and from the convention center. Or, at least that’s one way I’m justifying it!

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5 Responses to Two Poolside Totes.

  1. clothalbatross February 12, 2016 at 12:47 pm #

    As always, these are just absolutely stunning and inspiring! I love that Parson Gray linen. I might have to use it on a bag.

  2. Karen February 13, 2016 at 9:24 am #

    I was just searching your site yesterday for the Go Anywhere/diaper bag you made for your niece. I’m loving the scrappy tote here and now I’m inspired to combine these two ideas. Thanks!

  3. Linda Doyle February 14, 2016 at 9:17 am #

    Your fabric selections are fabulous. And I am a huge fan of Anna’s patterns – so clear and easy to follow with great attention to details.

  4. Linda Doyle February 14, 2016 at 9:18 am #

    Any chance that you are going to come out with canvas – carkai would be incredible for bags.

  5. Anna February 15, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    these are so crazy awesome! seriously can’t even deal with how much I love them both!

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