Recent workshops in Colorado and Virginia.

Update on the teaching front: I’ve had some really great students. Here are pics from some of my recent workshops.

+ Aerial Grove (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild.


Aerial Grove workshop_1_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander


Aerial Grove workshop_5_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Bulls-Eye (from Savor Each Stitch) at Cotton Candy Sewing Shop in Loveland, Colorado.


Bulls-Eye workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_3_Carolyn Friedlander


Bulls-Eye workshop_4_Carolyn Friedlander




+ Facing East (from Savor Each Stitch) with the Vienna Quilt Guild in Vienna, Virginia.


Facing East workshop_Carolyn Friedlander


Facing East workshop_2_Carolyn Friedlander




Probably my favorite thing about teaching is seeing how each student brings their own personality into their project. Working with each student allows me to see my quilts in so many different ways, that each time I leave with many ideas and much inspiration.





Archer Button Up in Mammoth Flannel.

Mammoth flannel archer button up_2_Carolyn Friedlander


Mmmm….flannel. Especially mammoth flannel…it’s like wearing a cloud. I’d be happy to dress in this stuff from head to toe.


Mammoth flannel archer button up_Carolyn Friedlander


Also, more Grainline love. The Archer is one of my favorites. I’ve now easily made more than a handful of Archer button ups and this is definitely not the last. In fact, it’s probably not the last version in mammoth flannel that I’ll make either. This thing is so darn cozy. I was wearing it as soon as I had the buttons sewn on.


Mammoth flannel archer button up_4_Carolyn Friedlander


I like the pockets as drafted in the pattern, but in this version I played around with a leaner-style and angled bottom. I borrowed the shape from this shirt, which I enlarged. With each Archer that I make, I also tweak the fit just a bit more. I’ve shortened the sleeves and narrowed the shoulders for a really good fit.


Mammoth flannel archer button up_3_Carolyn Friedlander







Loving the Linden by Grainline Studio.


linden sweatshirts_carolyn friedlander


Oh, the Linden.

It’s good.

And I’ve made many.

It started with one, that quickly became two…and now I have six, plus a massive pile of knit fabric that I’ve been accumulating with more Lindens in mind.


pile of knit fabric_carolyn friedlander



french terry linden_carolyn friedlander



left to right: Nani Iro double gauze, sweatshirt (w/contrast) + french terry (w/contrast)


double gauze_sweatshirt_french terry lindens_carolyn friedlander


I can’t take credit for the idea to make one using double gauze. At QuiltCon, Jo from Suppose was wearing one, and I was obsessed. I had to try it out first thing when I got home.



March 4, 2015_Carolyn Friedlander


I did a bias tape finish at the neck after enlarging it just a bit. I’d already shortened the sleeves on my other versions, which worked out well here. Plus, I added just a bit of shaping to the hem to make it more shirt-like (not super obvious in the photo). In future versions, I’ll make it just a tad longer, but I was maximizing the little yardage that I had to make this one. (Typical.)


Nani Iro Linden_Carolyn Friedlander


What I really like about the pattern (well, make that pretty much all Grainline patterns…) is that it’s so versatile. If you just change the type of knit or fabric in general, you get something totally different and equally useful. I’ve made three so far from shirt-weight knit, and they are the perfect layering piece.


top to bottom: mystery lightweight cotton knit, Leah Duncan + Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey


lightweight lindens_carolyn friedlander



Linden, I love you.



linden sweatshirts_2_carolyn friedlander


pile of lindens_carolyn friedlander





Collaboration with Patchwork Threads.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_2


I’ve been really excited about my collaboration with Patchwork Threads, which was just announced at QuiltCon. I’ve always admired their work, and I really enjoy seeing everyone sporting their shirts. So, after some discussion and many sketches, we arrived at two new designs.


First, savor it.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_3


There’s a bit of a reference to my book, but more than that, it’s intended to speak to what’s become a mantra for me (and I think many others) these days. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do, what matters is that we are thoughtful and enjoy doing it. It’s a good reminder, and one that we can apply to many things.


For that reason, I wanted the message to be a bit bold, but there’s also a little textural pizzazz…


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_savor_5


I really like how the color came out. It’s a white graphic on a deep blue, organic v-neck. I’ve already imagined many outfits with this one…


The other shirt is a sketch taken from a new little houses design that debuted at QuiltCon. I only did a limited release of the pattern in Austin, but you can stay tuned for it to be released for real in my pattern line this spring.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_2


This shirt features a hip little house with plenty of grids and hand-drawn realness. The graphic is a warm and wonderful flame-orange color on a natural, organic crew-neck tee.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_4


Plus, it’s signed…making it super personal.


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_house_3


Thank you so much, Patchwork Threads for a fun collaboration!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_1


Both shirts are already available (here and here), and I can’t wait to see how you guys wear them!


Carolyn Friedlander and Patchwork Threads colaboration_3






Natalie Barnes Blog Tour + a giveaway

To be honest, I’m not totally sure when I met Natalie Barnes, but it was sometime within the last few years at Quilt Market. Natalie has such an easy-going and sincere personality that it’s very easy to feel like you’ve known her forever. So when she asked me to participate in her blog tour for her new book, A Modern Twist: Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin, I happily agreed. This is Natalie’s first book, and it’s an honor to have been asked to celebrate that with her. As part of the tour, Natalie invited us to pick a category from her book (color, contrast or composition) to talk about, and I happily chose COLOR.

Color is so fun.
kona cotton color play_carolyn friedlander
I play with it often with my fabric…
carolyn friedlander fabric
And also in my quilts…
focal and stripes quilts_carolyn friedlander
We play with it in my classes.
Aerial Grove at Road to California_carolyn friedlander
And so, I eagerly picked that.
True to Natalie’s own personality, she explores working with color in her book with comfort, sincerity, and enthusiasm. I like that the guidance she offers her readers is constructive but not intimidating.
A Modern Twist_Natalie Barnes

photo by Brent Kane

The quote that she chose to introduce her color section is perfect. It’s from Henri Matisse–“A thimble of red is redder than a bucketful.” This is a thoughtful way to get you thinking about not only the color itself but how you use it. I really liked how Natalie interprets that quote and source of inspiration in this project.
A Modern Twist_2_Natalie Barnes

photo by Brent Kane

Her other projects explore color in the same, fun and approachable way as well. (Plus you can drool over the stunning quilting by Angela Walters…who also wrote a fantastic introduction in the book.)
A Modern Twist_3_Natalie Barnes

photo by Brent Kane

A Modern Twist_4_Natalie Barnes

photo by Brent Kane

Congratulations to Natalie on your lovely new book!
Visit these other folks participating in the tour.
02 March – Victoria Findlay Wolfe + CONTRAST
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
03 March – Teri Lucas + COLOR
Generation Q Magazine
04 March – Julie Herman + COMPOSITION
Jaybird Quilts
05 March – Jenny Wilding Cardon + COLOR
06 March – Rose Hughes + COLOR
Rose Hughes
07 March – Amy Smart  + CONTRAST
Amy Smart
08 March – Carolyn Friedlander + COLOR
Carolyn Friedlander
09 March – Latifah Saafir + COMPOSITION
Latifah Saafir Studios
Leave a comment to be entered to win either a signed hard copy of her book (if you are in the US) or an ebook (if you are International). A winner will be randomly selected on March 15, 2015.

Post QuiltCon update.

Somehow it’s March…

Is anyone else with me in wondering where February went? (And I guess January too, for that matter.)


I’m back and mostly recovered from QuiltCon. It was so much fun…but also a pretty full schedule for me. I kind of did what they tell you not to do, which is to over schedule yourself so that you have no time to actually take it in. In fact, as I look through my photos from the event, I realize that I hardly took any…oops!


But honestly, it was really great getting to work with so many amazing students, and it was probably safer not to have too much time to wander the vendor hall…that place was dangerous!


Here are some of the things I did manage to capture.


Day 1: My Austin Houses class.


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Austin Houses at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Day 2: My Emphasis class from Savor Each Stitch.


Emphasis at QuiltCon_1_carolyn friedlander


Emphasis at QuiltCon_2_carolyn friedlander


Not sure what happened to either of my night classes…or what happened on Day 3, but on Day 4 was my Aerial Grove class (also from Savor Each Stitch), and my students pretty much rocked it.


Aerial Grove at QuiltCon 2015_Carolyn Friedlander


I also ran into my friend, Kim. I always love seeing her and her stuff.


Kim Eichler Messmer at QuiltCon 2015


Plus, we matched.


Kim Eichler Messmer and Carolyn Friedlander at QuiltCon 2015


My new collaboration with Patchwork Threads also launched at QuiltCon. I’m so excited about these shirts! Stay tuned for a proper blog post soon.


Savor It_patchwork threads_carolyn friedlander_quiltcon


Otherwise, I think I’ll continue to troll the #QuiltCon hashtag to see what else happened at the show. If you were there (in person or via social media stalking) what was your favorite part?





Entering design mode.

Thank you to everyone who participated and left comments in my recent giveaway! It was such a treat to read about your projects, challenges and successes in sewing (and life…) in 2014.


As for me, I’m feeling a little light on things to say. After tons of sewing for myself and for others last month, I couldn’t be more in the mood to dive into a big heap of design work. I have a lot planned this year already, and I’ve been eager for the time to put my head down and work out some ideas in the studio.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


design development_carolyn friedlander


First up on my list…



and looking to QuiltCon.


quilt austin house_carolyn friedlander


It’ll be here before we know it.