SewDown Nashville!

Here’s a little bit of what went down at the SewDown.


Robert Kaufman made sure there were mini charms with some of my favorite fabrics waiting for each student.


Robert Kaufman mini charms

After getting registered, the whole gang made a trip out to Anna Maria Horner’s home and studio. It was gorgeous–no surprise! Her family also entertained us with some wonderful live music.

Anna Maria Horner's home_SewDown

We paid a visit to a brand-new shop in Nashville called The Fabric Studio. It was lovely.

The Fabric Studio_Nashville

There was even a Botanics sighting…

Botanics at the Fabric Studio

Then there were the classes…

SewDown Nashville_classes

It was a truly fantastic group of students, and we worked on my Aerial quilt project.

Architextures Aerial at SewDown

Yellow and Blue Aerial_SewDown Nashville

Oakshot Aerial_SewDown

Lotta Aerial_SewDown

Botanics Aerial_SewDown

Aerial quilt blocks_SewDown

The Sew Modern crowd was well represented.

Sew Modern at SewDown

as were so many other fun friends…

Aerial sewing at SewDown

Lectures by Elizabeth Dackson, Alexia Abegg, and Maddie Kertay were also very memorable. Here’s Alexia and her Marcelle’s Medallion…so stunning.

Alexia Abegg_SewDown


I had such a blast. Everyone was full of enthusiasm, so talented, and just tons of fun to be around. Thanks so much to the MQG for hosting such a fabulous event, and big thanks for everyone who came out. You guys are all great.


For anyone who missed it, mark your calendars for QuiltCon 2015. You won’t want to miss it.

Did I mention that I will be teaching and lecturing…?


I’ll also be teaching loads more the rest of the year, including at SewOK, Camp Stitchalot, and many others. Check out my events page for more details.


Hopefully I’ll see you soon!


Quilting Florida and packing for a SewDown.

savor each stitch_facing east_carolyn friedlander


I’m getting the final pieces together for my (very soon) exhibit at Bok Tower–it opens Saturday–and will include a few images (like the one above) from my upcoming book.

 quilting florida_carolyn friedlander

After posting this pic while gathering quilts, I got pretty excited to see some local folks showing interest in the show. So, I’d really like to plan a day for whoever is available and interested to meet up. I was thinking that we can check out the show and then wander around the gardens…chat…maybe bring some handwork or something to sit and work on in a shady spot…anyone with me? The show runs until June 4th, and I’ll throw out 2 potential dates. If you are interested, comment on your preference and we’ll go with the one that seems to suit most people. How about April 26th or May 24th? Both are Saturdays.



Anyways, here are some more sneaks from my book that will be on display at the Bok show…


savor each stitch_sneak preview_carolyn friedlander_lucky spool


Otherwise, I need to get to packing. SewDown Nashville is finally here, and I’m leaving tomorrow. Can’t wait to teach and to enjoy some good, quality time at the sewing machine with new and old friends. If you aren’t able to make it, I’m sure the IG feeds (mine included) will be blowing up with activity.


Sometimes you just need to sew.

And that’s exactly what I did.


mini sunrise making_carolyn friedlander


This week (and these last few weeks) have been a little on the heavy side, so some reconnecting with my sewing machine was very much in order. I gravitated toward making these little mini Sunrise blocks, because it’s such a great project for using up scraps. Totally in the mood to dive right in, I didn’t even grab for anything specific, but instead tried to work with what was sitting on the cutting table from some recent projects.


mini sunrise blocks_carolyn friedlander


What have you guys been sewing on?



Big news today.


Botanics Aurifil Thread Set_Carolyn Friedlander


I have been so excited about this. 

I consider myself pretty predictable in what strikes my fancy. If it has anything to do with sewing/quilting/making, there’s a good chance that I’m a fan of it–especially when it comes the most important basics that we use every day like fabric and thread. 


Fabric is an easy and obvious favorite. The tactile textures, enticing designs, and glorious colors suck all of us makers right in. But thread is super important, too. It may not always be the face of our projects, but it is what holds them together, and that is really important.


Not all thread is created equally, either. I’m glad to have learned that little secret early in my quilt-making journey, and as a result, I know that I’ve spent less time dealing with thread issues.


Here’s my disclaimer. Before I ever put together this thread set, I have been an Aurifil girl, 100%. This thread works for me and my sewing machine whether I am machine piecing, hand piecing, or machine quilting. Since realizing how much easier my life is when I’m using the right thread, it has been the only thread that I use.


My sister recently started to dabble in quilting. She surprised me last year by putting together a top, her very first, using architextures. Here it is.


  laurie hall_architextures quilt


She’s good, right?! The problem is that she was almost completely turned off from the process, because she struggled with thread the entire time she was making this. She didn’t realize how important good thread was and used thread that she found at a big-box store. Because of that, she couldn’t sew one continuous seam without the thread breaking. I would have quit quilting right then if I had to deal with that. I’m really glad that she persevered. Now, after having told me about her experience, she’s been let in on the good-thread secret. There are no substitutes on some things, and thread is one of them.


Aurifil Thead Meets Botanics_Carolyn Friedlander

This is why it has been such a dream to work with Aurifil and Robert Kaufman to put together this custom thread set. For this one, we went in the direction of coordinating with my current fabric line, botanics, but these are also many of the colors that I use OVER and OVER again. That flame color, top and center, is one I should have a massive cone for considering how much of it I’ve gone through over the years. Many of the others are that way too.


The other thing I really wanted in this particular set were some greens that would work with the green/teal prints in the fabric line. I found those to be a bit of a challenge to find the right match when I was putting together my first few projects. The greens in this set coordinate perfectly with those prints.


We’ve got a big-spool set with 12 colors…

Botanics Aurifil thread set_large_carolyn friedlander

…as well as a small-spool set too, with 10.

Botanics Aurifil thread set_small_carolyn friedlander

I think that you can expect to start seeing these in shops soon as soon as March. I’m actually working on building a little shop for my site, so I’ll make sure to stock some here as well.

Modern Sewciety and an extra hour.

First, it was such a pleasure being on Modern Sewciety this week. You can find the Podcast here. carolyn podccast art

Stephanie was easy to chat with, and I really hope to get a chance to catch up with her one of these days since she’s a Florida girl as well.


While we were chatting she asked what I work on when I’ve got an extra hour, which got me thinking. What I realized is that some of my favorite projects are those that I can slip into extra pockets of time. That point was well proven this weekend when I had a couple extra hours and found myself making up some Shirts.


shirts quilt blocks_carolyn friedlander

This pattern lends itself well to that, and I’ve made it very easy to do so. I keep a box specifically for these guys with extra templates and fabric ready to go. Whenever I’ve got some extra time, all I have to do is pull it out and start sewing. Many times a little bit of this does a whole lot of good.

shirts quilt box_carolyn friedlander


Other “extra hour” projects include…


+ Any slow sewing and definitely endless amounts of Alturas blocks


+ the Single Girl


+ Green Tea and Sweet Beans


green tea and sweet beans_carolyn friedlander





+ Candy Coated


candy coated_carolyn friedlander


+ And then there are always future projects to plan for when the mood strikes…


project planning_carolyn friedlander

This pile sat on my floor for an embarrassing long time while I was finishing up the projects for my book. The pull is now taking shape as another extra hour project from one of the patterns in my new book. Maybe it’s strange, but this was the first thing I wanted to dive into after finishing all the book projects.

That’s probably a good thing.


What’s your favorite project for filling pockets of time?


blue shirt quilt block_carolyn friedlander


Week 4 winner and the Grand Prize winner…

First, our week 4 winner is…


Sarah (@stitchingandbacon). I’m totally with you on the quilting process!


And the Grand Prize winner is…

Stephanie (@theLadyInThread). Yay! I’m super excited to sew with you in Nashville.


Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks so much to everyone who participated. I hope you will all continue to share how you #savoreachstitch. It has been so inspiring to see. Our community is truly special.


HUGE thanks also to Lucky Spool Media and Pink Chalk Fabrics for supporting this fun adventure.


And did you catch this go up last week?

Savor Each Stitch on Amazon_Carolyn Friedlander_1

Just Crazy.

More soon…


Week 3 winner…

And the week 3 winner is…

wobblybobbin_savor each stitch


Emily, aka @wobblybobbin! Congrats! I can definitely appreciate calm moments of hand stitching. Sometimes it’s just what you need!

These entries are all totally amazing, and I’m super excited as we approach the last few days of the contest. We’ll be picking the final weekly winner and the grand prize winner Friday 6 pm EST. So all of you US residents, get your entries in these last few days. (See here for more details.)

Week 2 winner…

These #savoreachstitch entries have been so enjoyable for me to see show up on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. You guys are amazing, and your enthusiasm is truly inspiring. One of the reasons Lucky Spool, Pink Chalk and I wanted to structure this giveaway this way, was because we really wanted to highlight all the great stuff our sewing communities are made of.


For those reasons, I especially loved this entry from Carmen who showed us her sewing party. Good friends sewing together, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Carmen Sewing Party


She’s our winner from last week’s entries. Congrats, Carmen!


We’ve still got 2 more weeks to enter. Log your entries here, and you can read the details here.


Keep the good stuff coming!


New and upcoming events.

carolyn friedlander Botanics strips


I just thought I’d share some events coming up this month, as well as some that have been recently added. The 2014 calendar is shaping up with fun stuff!


+ This saturday (January 18), I’ll be doing a trunk show at 10:00am and a paper piecing class at 1:00pm at Happy Apple Quilts in Palm Harbor, Florida.


+ On January 25, I’ve got a trunk show set up at 10am with the Salt Lake City Modern Quilt guild. (Anyone attending Alt Summit? I’ll see you there too!)


+ January 25 is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day–go out and buy local. I love that.


+ January 23 – 26, some of my quilts will be in the Superbuzzy booth at Road To California. (Be warned, Superbuzzy has lots of awesome stuff, and you will be tempted to buy lots of it! Come prepared.)


+ It was just announced is that I’ll be teaching at Sew OK in July! It will be a fantastic weekend for sure. Registration recently went live.