Week 2 winner…

These #savoreachstitch entries have been so enjoyable for me to see show up on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. You guys are amazing, and your enthusiasm is truly inspiring. One of the reasons Lucky Spool, Pink Chalk and I wanted to structure this giveaway this way, was because we really wanted to highlight all the great stuff our sewing communities are made of.


For those reasons, I especially loved this entry from Carmen who showed us her sewing party. Good friends sewing together, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Carmen Sewing Party


She’s our winner from last week’s entries. Congrats, Carmen!


We’ve still got 2 more weeks to enter. Log your entries here, and you can read the details here.


Keep the good stuff coming!


Week 1 winner…

Oh man, the entries this week in our #savoreachstitch competition were so good, and it was really tough choosing just one winner! But I just loved the spirit of Teresa’s entry on instagram.



Especially in the bottom comment where she talks about stepping outside her comfort zone and finding sweet satisfaction in her sewing. Congrats Teresa on your win this week, and for also sewing up an awesome Scout tee! We’ll be emailing you shortly about your winnings.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered last week! We’ve still got 3 more weeks to win weekly stuff and then the big prize at the very end. Register daily here, and continue to post your pictures.

By the way, here was mine from yesterday.

saturday sewing_carolyn friedlander

It was way too easy to savor some stitches after being trapped on my computer all week. It felt really good.

loving TPB this week


Just took a minute to check out the submissions from the latest design challenge over at the printed bolt. The challenge was to come up with a design that mapped out the geography of your life…very interesting. I gotta say that these gals are pretty clever and came up with some great fabric. Head over here and check it out.


Which one is your favorite?