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Petal sew fine thread gloss
Petal sew fine thread gloss
Petal sew fine thread gloss

Sew Fine Thread Gloss: Petal


Sew Fine Thread Gloss is my favorite thread conditioner!

This listing is for one tin of "Petal" Sew Fine Thread Gloss--a lush blend of orchid and osmanthus with warm hints of bergamot, sandalwood and musk. This floral scent has the feel of getting dressed up. As with all of the Sew Fine Thread Glosses, the scents are well-managed and not overpowering.

This exclusive scent is the result of a special collaboration between me and Sew Fine Thread Gloss of Canada.

Each tin contains 0.5oz of thread gloss. 

Why condition your threads?

The short answer is that you'll have fewer knots in your thread when doing any kind of handwork. It makes a difference! To read more about my thoughts and practices with thread conditioner, and the story behind this special collaboration, check out my blog post here. (I'm a total thread nerd.)

How to Use

After cutting your length of thread, slide it across the wax with your thumb applying a light pressure so the thread makes contact with the wax. I usually drag the thread across the wax 2-3 times before using a garment knot to finish. Thread your needle and get to stitching!

About Sew Fine

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is made with locally sourced beeswax that has NOT been chemically processed. It is handmade in small batches just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The light amber color is attributed to this wax being very natural and only one step away from the hive, with absolutely no bleaching or other additives. The beeswax is filtered just once to separate it from the honey and from any leftover hive particles.

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