Carolyn Friedlander is an artist specializing in modern fabric designs, quilting and sewing patterns, and quilt making with intention.

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Explore the projects, patterns and fabrics as well as tools, tips and other helpful sewing resources.

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Scrappy Split Pouches

Here are some scrappy Split Pouches that I made while developing the pattern and new online workshop. These come together pretty quickly once you get the hang of it.


Meet the Split Pouch Pattern and Workshop

Meet the Split Pouch--a handy, zippy and practical project! I've been so excited to share this project with you. This is a pouch that I've been using non-stop for quite...

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Pine + Bow Quilt Along Post #5: A Finish!

It's time to share a finish--or two--my final Pine and Bow! I chatted quite a bit about both in this new video.

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Pine + Bow Quilt Along Post #4: Bow Tips + Tricks

It's Post #4 and let's talk about Bow! This week I'm sharing my progress as well as tips and tricks for Bow.

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Pine + Bow Quilt Along Post #3: Pine Tips + Tricks

It's Post #3 in the Pine + Bow Quilt Along, and I'm excited to share more about my Pine project, give you some tips and tricks and show you my...

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Pine + Bow Quilt Along #2: Meet Bow + Fabric Pull

We're in week #2 of the Quilt Along! This week, let's take a look at Bow. The Bow quilt is my homage to a rainbow.

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Pine + Bow Quilt Along Post #1: Meet Pine + Fabric Pull

Let's look at Pine! I'm thrilled to kick off this quilt along with this first post about Pine.


Pine + Bow Quilt Along

Are you ready for a Pine + Bow quilt along? While at QuiltCon, I got excited to do another quilt along, and many of you seemed interested too.

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QuiltCon Atlanta 2023

It's been almost a month since QuiltCon Atlanta 2023--what a rush! For the first time I had a booth, and it was a ton of fun. Here are some highlights...

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2023 Printable Calendar

It's here--my 2023 Printable Calendar. I like using this calendar throughout the year, and so I'm delighted to share a copy of it with you too.