Carolyn Friedlander is an artist specializing in modern fabric designs, quilting and sewing patterns, and quilt making with intention.

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Explore the projects, patterns and fabrics as well as tools, tips and other helpful sewing resources.

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Sew Along

Sew along with me and my newest project, the Split Pouch.

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My Alphabet Pattern

My Alphabet Pattern is here! It's been a long time in the works, so I'm really glad to have it available for you now.

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My Scrappy Blue Slash Quilt is Finished!

This has been a WIP for longer than I'd like to admit, but my scrappy blue Slash quilt is finally finished!

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2024 Printable Calendar

It's here--my 2024 Printable Calendar! I love using a calendar like this to track projects, to see a month at a glance and to celebrate good stuff each month.

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Split Pouch Sew Along: Week 5

It's Week 5, and I can't believe we are already to the end of the Split Pouch Sew Along. I'm glad that I now have a big batch of pouches...

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Split Pouch Sew Along: Week 4

It's the Split Pouch Sew Along Week 4, and we are moving right along. I made two more pouches. I also thought it'd be fun to share a patchwork project...

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Split Pouch Sew Along: Week 3

It's Week 3, and I'm all about embracing some new materials. I made three split pouches this week in vinyl and waxed canvas.


Split Pouch Sew Along: Week 2

We're in week 2 of the Split Pouch Sew Along. I'm excited to share with you what I've made this week.

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Split Pouch Sew Along

Are you ready for a Sew Along? I am. The Split Pouch Sew Along is here, and I'm hoping you'll join me.

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Stripey Split Pouches

I made some stripey Split Pouches, and I thought I'd share the with you. These pouches are kind of addictive.


Scrappy Split Pouches

Here are some scrappy Split Pouches that I made while developing the pattern and new online workshop. These come together pretty quickly once you get the hang of it.