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Carolyn Friedlander is an artist specializing in modern fabric designs, quilting and sewing patterns, and quilt making with intention.

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2023 Printable Calendar

It's here--my 2023 Printable Calendar. I like using this calendar throughout the year, and so I'm delighted to share a copy of it with you too.


A look back at 2022

I love a year-end recap. It's easy to forget so much from the year. It's weird how it seems to fly by so quickly, but if you actually take a...


New Thread Set With Aurifil!

I have a new thread set with Aurifil! This one is made up of my appliqué favorites. It's a 10-spool set (300 yards each) of my favorite and most essential...

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Lawn Pajamas

Since it's a holiday week and all I can think of is cozy and comfym I thought I'd share these lawn pajamas that I made earlier this year.

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Slow Stitching Retreat in Maine

Last month I taught at the A Gathering of Stitches Slow Stitching retreat in Maine.

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Mini Eads Quilt in Languid

Making a Mini Eads Quilt in Languid was a no brainer, because sometimes you just need a fun, colorful palette cleanser to get your creative juices flowing.

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Basting my Blue Slash Quilt

Before leaving for Maine recently, I basted my Blue Slash quilt. I finished the top much earlier this year, and so the basting was overdue!

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Olive Quilt Pattern Update

My Olive pattern was one of my very first patterns launched back in 2011. I've loved it so much and have been wanting to give it an update. Here's a...

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Slash Quilt Pattern

My Slash Quilt Pattern is here! I've LOVED making this quilt...and might have a few new versions to share with you. But first, let's take a look at this one...

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Frond Quilt Pattern

My Frond Quilt Pattern is here! When developing my Long Leaf Acrylic Templates, I knew I wanted more patterns to use along with them. The shapes have been so enticing...