Meet my new CF Grid Group fabric!

I have some fun news that I can finally share. Meet my new CF Grid Group fabric collection!

CF Grid Group fabric collection . carolyn friedlander

On Grids

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but I LOVE grids. There’s something wonderful about clean lines and repetition, and grids epitomize that. Plus, once you get a good grid on some fabric, it’s really fun to cut it up and sew it into a project!

projects made using CF Grid Group fabrics . carolyn friedlander

Grids can add a nice structure to piecing as well as some delightful contrast to curvy shapes and appliqué.

collection CF grid group fabric projects . carolyn friedlander

CF Grid Group Fabrics

This is my Grid Group, which is part of my basics line–Collection CF. What I’ve done is take some of my favorite grid-like motifs from past collections and reimagined them in a new way and with a specific color theme–in grayscale.

collection CF grid group fabrics . carolyn friedlander

On Grayscale and Color

When I’m teaching a color class, one of my favorite points to make is how you can exaggerate the variety and nuance in a fabric pull when you reduce your palette down to a very narrow range. Doing this has a magical way of emphasizing variation in a beautiful way. It makes it fun to see more color in whatever you are working with.

This is exactly what I was thinking when I put this collection together. Even though this is a grayscale palette, together these 12 pieces feel really colorful to me, and they come to life in projects.

collection CF grid group fabrics . carolyn friedlander

Project Peek

And, I have some new projects, including a new appliqué project that I am just over-the-moon excited about. It’s called Bow, and it’s (maybe obviously) based on a Rainbow. I know I’ve dropped the ball a bit on my pattern releases recently, but I promise, this (and others I’ve been working on) will be real, and we’ll be able to sew together with them soon.

CF Bow quilt in CF Grid Group fabrics . carolyn friedlander

As for the new fabrics, you can ask your local quilt shop to get their order in now. The collection starts shipping in September.

Watch This

I put together a little video introducing you to the new group…along with more of a look at the projects on my YouTube channel here, and I’ll be sharing more about it all in posts to come.

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Ray Quilt Along #6: Put A Label On It!

Ray Quilt Along #6: Put A Label On It!

Ray Quilt Along label . carolyn friedlander

Hey, it’s a bonus! Now that the quilt is done, don’t forget to put a label on it!

Labels can be simple or fancy–that’s up to you. It’s always a good idea to mark your accomplishment with your name, when you made it and anything else worth noting.

ray quilt along label . carolyn friedlander

For me, it’s a pretty simple process. In addition to my name and date, I like to add the quilt name, batting used (since I tend to change this up from time to time) and bonus of where it was made. If it’s a gift or if there is more of a story, that can be good information to include as well.

As for how to include it, you can go simple or more involved. Even though I got fancy on this one, I usually go super simple and just use a permanent marker to note the details. On this one, I got a bit more fancy and marked it all via embroidery.

ray quilt along label . carolyn friedlander

And while I’m here, I’ll share a few more snippets of the back. I love how the back turned out. I used some favorites from my stash.

ray quilt along . carolyn friedlander

As well as this leftover block from my Spools quilt (pattern here).

ray quilt along . carolyn friedlander

The quilting goes in the same direction, and I love how the lines go in different directions when it’s all folded up. It’s a small detail, but I love it when there are new ways to look at a project depending on how you are using it or not.

ray quilt along . carolyn friedlander

Don’t forget your label!

ray quilt along . carolyn friedlander

To catch up on all of the Ray Quilt Along posts, head over here.

ray quilt along . carolyn friedlander

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2021 Printable Calendar

Happy New Year! I hope things are off to a good start for you. I’ve enjoyed using this simple calendar that I created for the Hunt Quilt Along, and so I thought I’d share an update with you in case you’d like to use it too! Here’s my 2021 Printable Calendar.

(Download via the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the calendar below.)


You can check out this post for tips on printing, cutting it down and using it.

2021 printable calendar . carolyn friedlander

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