Hunt Quilt Along Overview

Here’s an overview of the Hunt Quilt Along.

Hunt Quilt Along: Let’s Get Started an outline of the Quilt Along ahead.

Hunt Quilt Along: Project Overview an overview of the Hunt quilt pattern and some ideas for different ways to think about it. (Psst. It doesn’t have to be a quilt, and it doesn’t have to be hand appliquéd.)

Hunt Quilt Along: A Closer Look At Fabric a summary of fabric tips, tricks and considerations.

Hunt Quilt Along: Technical And Travel Tips a few pointers for laying out your shapes, taking on the curves, as well as a look at how I like to travel with my Hunt quilt along project.

Hunt Quilt Along: Onward I’m setting you free with tips on goal setting and a special calendar to plan out your progress.

+ Month #1 Check In putting the plan into action

+ Month #2 Check In first block is finished

+ Month #3 Check In first 1/4 of the blocks are complete

+ Month #4 Check In 6 blocks done

+ Month #5 Check In expanding my range of green

+ Month #6 Check In 9 blocks completed

+ Month #7 Check In 11 blocks totally finished

+ Month #8 Check In all blocks in play

+ Month #9 Check In one block to go

+ Month #10 Check In my blocks are sewn together

+ Month #11 Check In my quilt top is done, and a scrappy backing is underway

+ Month #12 Check In quilting is fun

+ Month #13 Check In still quilting, still loving it

+ Month #14 Check In ALL DONE!

Hunt Tangerine Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

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