CF grid group fabrics stacked up next to Kona Cotton solids
fabric selvages for Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman
Bow Quilt in grey, black and white fabrics
Greyscale Aerial quilt in carolyn friedlander's studio
greyscale pincushions in a variety of sizes
close up shot of Spools quilt from the side
Carolyn holding Spools quilt in front of a brick wall
Ray quilt in grey and black fabrics
detail shot of Ray quilt showing the hand quilting
a variety of quilts hanging on two quilt ladders
Aerial quilt hanging from a Live Oak tree
Aerial quilt close up shot showing the all over quilting
CF Grid Group
CF Grid Group
fabric swatches in grey and white fabrics
fabrics used to make Crew pincushions
CF Grid Group

CF Grid Group

The CF Grid Group is a 12-piece collection of my favorite grid-like fabrics reimagined in an entirely new greyscale color palette.

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About CF Grid Group

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Featured Projects

Bow Appliqué Quilt in CF Grid Group fabrics

Aerial Quilt in CF Grid Group fabrics

Spools Quilt in CF Grid Group fabrics

Crew Pincushions in CF Grid Group

Grey Ray Quilt in CF Grid Group 

Purl Soho Vest in CF Grid Group

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