Slow Sewing Studio

carolyn friedlander slow sewing studio graphicThe Slow Sewing Studio is a celebration of the longtime art of hand sewing and of who we are as quilters. We quilters like being together and building relationships, developing our skills, and working with our hands. There’s something about hand stitching that just feels real.

The projects in this group give us an opportunity to slow down and to enjoy the process as much as the result. Not only a back-to-basics program, this is also a program to strengthen our skills and our relationships with each other.

These projects are things we can take with us and enjoy with others. We’ll bring them to our guild meetings, on trips, or wherever our busy lives take us. They require no chargers, adapters, or electricity and will allow us to press pause on the realities of everyday life and enjoy what we are making.

Let’s try to savor each stitch. Why else would we do it?

pdf patterns : Wildabon . RinEbbCatenary .  HesperidesBotanics . EvergladePost

in stores only : Circles Alturas . Park . Collection

bag + accessory projects : Social Tote . Nest Egg Tote . Crew Pincushion

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